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Welcome to Voting Trend. My name is Dave Trotter and I’m an election data specialist who has been working in the field of politics for over 30 years. I have worked in both the practical field of politics, starting in 1992 on a small Florida State Senate campaigns for an unknown candidate named Buddy Dyer (who would later become Mayor of Orlando). Since then I have worked on campaigns in Florida, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Alabama, as well as Canada. 

I have also worked in the academic field, receiving my Masters Degree from McGill University (one of the best Political Science graduate programs in the world), focusing on voting behavior and election forecasting models. I have written a number of academic papers focusing on US, Canada, and East German voting behavior, as well as the chapter on the Econometric Approaches to 2017 Forecasting in the latest Sage Handbook of Electoral Behavior (2017).

I created Voting Trend to provide the best quality of data analyzation and visualization, so that your campaign can make data-based decisions when it comes to voter targeting. It’s important to make sure that your campaigns isn’t blindly going into a campaign, not know what lies ahead. The products offered here combine my years of experience in both the practical and academic worlds of politics. Therefore, it is vitally important to have a strong methodology behind any models and visualizations that I will provide for your campaign. 

Over the last number of years, the predictive models (known as nowcast models) presented here at Voting Trend, have been more accurate than FiveThirtyEight, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, RealClear Politics, and other election predictors. Feel free to look above at the “Past Predictive Models” to look at the predictions over the last few cycles.

Voting Trend can provide you with a number of different tools to help you visualize your campaign, from visualization dashboards which include geographical elements, to VAN voter targeting services, which will make your voter targeting much more precise, base the previous successful nowcasting methods.

Dave With Florida Governor Lawton Chiles in 1995.

If you want to ask about visualizations for your campaign, feel free to send a message!