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Welcome to Voting Trend
Voting Trend focuses on modeling, forecasting and providing data visualizations of political data for Democratic campaigns.
Political Data Analytics
With 30 years of experience in political data analytics, Voting Trend can help you understand your district, poll numbers, and other forms of political data.
Helping Democrats Win!
Voting Trend's services are dedicated solely to helping Democratic and progressive candidates.

Welcome to Voting Trend

Voting Trend was created to give Democratic campaigns a better understanding of political data and numbers. In a political world where there is an ever-increasing importance in understanding political data, both attitudinal and aggregate data, our services will provide an exhaustive examination of all the numbers available, and provide them to you in a way that makes your campaign make better decisions. Part of this process includes data visualizations and reports.

Coming Soon: Precinct Shapefiles for Every County in the US!

A district analysis can help you understand the basic layout of your district, providing you with a strong understand of where you campaign should target voters. We look at each precinct and provide a number of statistics for each to help inform your campaign goals.

Voting Trend can create a predictive model based on past voting behavior, as well as current trends. We can also create nowcasting models for campaigns that expect heavy Vote-By-Mail and Early Voting Participation..

Making sure that your field operation is working well, and correctly, is important for any grassroots campaign. Voting Trend will provide you with data visualizations that will help any campaign manager keep track of their field workers, so that their performance can be optimized.

If your campaign has had polls conducted, or you would like to create some statistically significant data for your campaign, we can provide you with what you need to drive your own successful data-driven campaign.

Why Pick Voting Trend?


Voting Trend predictive models have accurately predicted elections over the last three decades. Recently, in the 2018 Florida Governor’s race and 2020 Florida Presidential election, Voting Trend accurately predicted the final outcome, which FiveThirtyEight got wrong. 

In this video on Rising in 2020, you can see how Dave breaks down Florida in great detail. The same dedication to accuracy and detail will given to your campaign as well.


Data doesn’t care about your feelings. 

Nowadays, many people want data to confirm their biases. Not at Voting Trend. Our goal is to provide the most accurate data and analysis, no matter what. We will NEVER change data simply to look good. Integrity matters.


Dave as been working in political data analysis for 30 years. He started in 1992, doing field work and targeting for the Buddy Dyer (D) for State Senate campaign. Since then, he has worked on a number of campaigns from around the United States, as well as Canada.


Dave received his Masters in Arts degree from McGill University, specializing on voting behavior. He also has academic publications to his name, one of which focuses on forecasting models in the SAGE Handbook of Electoral Behaviour.

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