Will Republicans Show More Humility During the 2013 Session?

Last year, when the incoming Speaker Will Weatherford  named ethically challenged Lake Mary Republican Chris Dorworth as his prospective Majority Leader, it sent a strong signal that the GOP continued to be unfazed by publicly embarrassing and unethical behavior. After all when you have had an uncontested majority for so long you tend to forget about the voters, labeling anyone who questions you as an “enemy.”

By tapping Dorworth, Weatherford thumbed his nose all of those who think ethics and humility matters in state government.  Thankfully Dorworth was defeated by Mike Clelland on November 6th in an election that should have sent shock-waves throughout the state.  Dorworth, whose ethical lapses were too great to list here became the poster child for what has long been an arrogant, reckless and out-of-touch GOP majority.

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1 thought on “Will Republicans Show More Humility During the 2013 Session?”

  1. Rebuplicans are nothing but scabs, living off of what others fight for. The GOP should be arrested along with our supreme court and serve life sentences in prison for what they have done to the American people. May they all go to hell (if they will have them)