Where Edwards went wrong.

Well, we are only two weeks and some days away from Iowa and it looks like the Edwards campaign might be in a little bit of trouble.

Last night, many said that Edwards was the winner of the debate. And in most debates, he usually is the winner.

So why is Edwards doing so poorly in this primary season?

Pure and simple, his campaign sucks.

He is a great candidate, a great stump speaker. James Carville even said that he was the best stump speaker he has ever seen, and that included Bill Clinton.
But the Edwards campaign has no direction, and has not given voters any reason to vote for him.

While the Hillary campaign has run a “I have the experience” campaign, and Obama has the “looking toward the future” campaign, Edwards has had the “hello, I’m here” campaign. He has no message whatsoever.
Edwards is trying to run a campaign on issues. But a campaign based on issues has never been successful.
And all of this time, Edwards could have had a message, but he decided not to use it. And what is that message? That message is that he could win the general.
In 2004, Edwards had his “and with this accent, I can win in the South” speech. I think this speech moved him up to being second in the 2004 primaries and eventually the VP candidate for the Dems.
But this time he hasn’t talked about this at all. Even in a recent poll, where Edwards is running 25% over Huckabee and the only Democrat to lead every Republican if a general election were to be held today, the Edwards’ campaign has been really quiet.
This “I can win the general” message could have been use extremely well, but I guess the Trippites decided to use it.
Edwards can win Iowa. And I think it will be close between him and Obama. But after that, he will fall like a brick in other primaries. Even in his birth state of South Carolina, he is running extremely poor.
So, Senator John Edwards, you could have been the next president, but you decided to stack your campaign with a bunch of idiots at the top levels.
Like I said in the past…”why the hell am I not making any money doing this, yet these morons do.”
Oh well, so is life.