What is more impressive? Ohio or Wyoming?

Well, the primary season is almost over. Currently, Senator Barack Hussein Obama (and I will use his whole name, because it IS his name! Not like it is a lie, I didn’t make it up, that is his actual name) has the lead in the delegate count. But whose primary wins have been more impressive? I would have to say Hillary.


After Hillary won New Hampshire (where she wasn’t expected to win), Obama won South Carolina (which was expected, but not by that large of an amount, which was quite impressive). Then we moved to Michigan and Florida, which didn’t count because Howard Dean is an asshole. Yes, Texas voters votes can count twice and Dean doesn’t have a problem with that, while Florida voters being disenfranchised is perfectly fine.



Then Super Tuesday and the rest of the elections come down the road. Obama wins a lot while Hillary wins a few. But lets look at those victories.



Hillary has been winning large states. She has also been winning some key battleground states. And while she has won these states, the margin has been quite small. Still, the Clinton campaign has won six of the eight largest states (Texas, Ohio, California, Michigan, Ohio, Florida), while Obama has only won one of those big states (his home state of Illinois), while Pennsylvania doesn’t vote until April.



On the other hand, Obama has some decent results…winning Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Virginia. But the victories that people talk about are those in states like Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah and other states that really don’t matter in the general election.






Well, usually in small, strongly Republican states, the Democrats are usually around 20% to 30% of the total vote. And as I have seen first hand in Utah, the Democratic Parties in those states tend to be the liberal, leftist extreme of the Democratic Party. And the extreme left is strongly for Obama. So that explains the wins in those useless states.



But what is even scarier is that Obama supporters think that they will be able to win those states in the general. Don’t be so friggen stupid. Winning 60% of 30% of the voter isn’t too impressive. Democrats are going to get killed in these states in the general.



So, Hillary needs to stay in this race. She is winning the big states. Pennsylvania is coming up. Many of the other states that are left (Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia) are going to go for Hillary, and maybe by a strong margin.


So, Hillary, stick in this race. I really want to vote for a Democrat in the general. But if Obama is the nominee, I’m writing in John Edwards.