Weldon Enters Senate Race…THERE IS A GOD!!!

I have a feeling that Weldon opposed the pubic option as well.

Before today, I thought that Dave Weldon would just be another alternative to Connie Mack IV and George Lemieux (the correct way of spelling Lemieux, so I will stick with it). I thought he would consider himself a seasoned alternative, stress his days of being a Member of Congress as the Space Coast representative and battle the other two in the three way race.

After that, I would assume he would just take on Nelson in the normal conservative fashion, saying he is against everything, talking about how he disliked Obama and, again, taking about his record in Congress and comparing that to what Nelson has done. Yes, I knew he was an ultra-right winger, but I still thought he would keep it within some sort of check.

But after watching today’s commercial that was released regarding his entry into the U.S. Senate race, the Weldon campaign has decided to win over the crazies and run a Sharon Angle type of campaign. Even in the GOP landslide year of 2010, the crazies running for Senate usually fell to defeat. The House is a different story. Here is Weldon’s announcement “commercial”, I guess you can call it:

With the release of this commercial, and if Weldon is the nominee, Democrats have the chance to actually make a Weldon GOP primary victory more of a positive than a negative. In fact, I think Democrats should start donating to the Weldon campaign. He needs our help.

So how can Weldon help? First of all, which is the obvious, he is way out of touch with reality. I am a true believer of playing to one’s base. But there is a point where you can play to the base, but you can overplay them as well. George Bush is the pure example of playing to his base. He talked about national security, taxes, threw in a little bit of Jesus here and there. He didn’t go over the top, he just let his base know who is was and was able to win. But with the “Tea Party-style in your face conservatism” type of campaigning, it won’t work in general election.

The second way that a Weldon campaign helps is that Romney might not be the center of attention in Florida. Of course, while most of us know Romney is a flip-flop, the average Florida voter thinks he speaks well, looks good and, therefore, is moderate. I spoke of this before. Honestly, it is hard to “tag” Romney because he has had every position on every issue over the last 20 years. I feel that is why Romney and Obama have been neck and neck in Florida, because Romney doesn’t come across as a crazy, just out of touch. But if Weldon starts firing off Joe Walsh or Christine O’Donnell type of craziness, the focus of attention could turn away from Romney in the State of Florida and solely focus on the “nutballerey” of Weldon. Just like the Palin Effect in 2008, many who are late undecideds could vote for Obama and other Democrats on Election Day. Weldon will create a lot of undecided among center-left leaning Republicans as well as the center and center-right moderates.

Therefore, God has shined on us yet again by handing the Democratic Party another crazy candidate on the Republican side that can win their primary. Over the last two weeks, the Republicans in Indiana and Nebraska have decided to go with the “not the sharpest knife in the drawer” option. I think it should be the duty of Republicans in Florida to repeat that trend and nominate Weldon. It is the right thing to do.

And maybe, just maybe, we will be able to watch a debate on the pubic option (refer to picture above).

(Note: at 0:47 of that commercial, where are those mountains located in Florida? I know it isn’t Space Mountain, Florida 3rd tallest mountain).

1 thought on “Weldon Enters Senate Race…THERE IS A GOD!!!”

  1. This is like something out of the Twilight Zone. The only thing missing is a voice over with Rod Serling. ” ladies and gentlemen let me present to you Dan Weldon a man who wants to preside over the senate, only this senate is in The Twilight Zone”.