Two Democratic House Candidates Pick Up Orlando Sentinel Endorsement

In the past, the Orlando Sentinel has usually favored the Republicans when it came to endorsements. But now, the Democrat are starting to open the once-tough nut to crack.

But in two Republican leaning districts, the Democrats have been able to secure the Orlando Sentinel endorsement.

In House District 33, Democrat Leo Curz was endorsed by the Sentinel. While this area has always been traditionally Republican, the Sentinel haven’t been afraid to endorse Democrats in the past. In 1992, the Sentinel said that Marvin Couch was not fit to hold public office. And after an incident with a prostitute in a Sanford mall parking lot, they proved to be right. Still, this is a huge plus for the Cruz campaign and should help him amongst undecided voters.

In House District 34, Democrat Steve Barnes was also endorsed by the Sentinel. Barnes is in line to run against Chris Dorworth, who is in line to become the Speaker of the House in 2014. Still, the Sentinel said that Dorworth had “the most dismal record among Central Florida’s legislators. Residents of the district that straddles parts of Orange and Seminole counties would do themselves a favor bumping him from that line.”

Honestly, I am quite surprised that the Sentinel laid their kahunas on the line like that against a future Republican leader. But they did. Good job.

Still, even with the endorsement, Barnes will nearly have to sweep the independent vote in order to capture his seat. For Cruz, while it is an easier for him to win, it will also be an uphill battle.

Still, we congratulate both Steve Barnes and Leo Cruz on their endorsement, and hope this will lead them to victory in November.

Here is the Sentinel article.