Three Democrats Gain NRA Endorsements in Primaries

The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund has issued its endorsements for the August 14th primaries and they have chosen to take sides in three Congressional/Legislative primaries.

Leonard Bembry has been endorsed by the NRA in Congressional District 2 gaining an “A” grade from the organization. In this contest, The Political Hurricane has endorsed Al Lawson.

Ron Saunders, the current House Democratic Leader was the only Democratic for State Senate to gain an endorsement from the NRA. Saunders was graded an A+ by the organization which denotes “A legislator with not only an excellent voting record on all critical NRA issues, but who has also made a vigorous effort to promote and defend the Second Amendment.” In the Senate District 39 race, The Political Hurricane has endorsed Representative Dwight Bullard.

Katie Edwards, a hand picked recruit of Saunders was the only Democrat running for State House in a primary to get an endorsement from the NRA. She was given a score of an “A.” In the State House District 98 race, the Political Hurricane has endorsed Louis Reinstein.

These endorsements by the NRA while disappointing show a trend where more and more Democrats are unwilling to engage the gun lobby on their issues. From our vantage point the number of non-responses from Democratic candidates to the NRA is a positive sign for the future. Congratulations to all the Democrats who choose to ignore the questionnaire from the gun lobby and continue fighting for their constituents and the support of progressives in the August 14th primary.

8 thoughts on “Three Democrats Gain NRA Endorsements in Primaries”

  1. I find it interesting that two of the three candidates they’ve endorsed are from liberal areas of South Florida.

    Democrats are getting the message to steer away from the NRA.

    I am not sure how an NRA endorsement helps Saunders or Edwards in this election. It just proves their bonafides as conservatives for the legislature’s right wing leadership.

  2. Concerned Democrat

    Very disappointing both Saunders and Edwards are. Not that it is anyway surprising.

  3. I agree that the most encouraging thing is that so few Democrats applied for the endorsement.

    Saunders record is shameful. Hopefully if he does get elected to the Senate he will be isolated quickly.

  4. A Florida Democrat

    Katie Edwards is awful on environmental issues. No shock she’s bad on guns also.

    I am concerned she would switch parties if elected or at the least vote with the majority all the time.

  5. Right on track with her bed buddy Alex DLP. Oh, wait, I hear it’s Aronberg. Maybe Abruzzo? Are you using her as beards for your boys, MS? Did you learn that trick from your buddy Charlie?