TPH Endorsements: Thompson for State Senate 12 and Linda Stewart for State House 47.

Prior to Linda Stewart switching races from State Senate 12 to House District 47, the Political Hurricane was faced with a tough decision. It was our opinion that two of the candidates that were running for State Senate 12, Steward and sitting House member Geraldine Thompson, where both highly qualified and would serve the Florida Senate well. Even with such a tough choice, the decision became a lot easier this week.

Let’s first look at Linda Stewart. During her time in the Orange County Commission, Stewart was a steadfast supporter of liberal causes. She had worked hard to make Orange County as “green” as possible. She has been a strong support of equal rights for all of the citizens of Orange County, and we feel that she will do the same for the entire state of Florida.

And, of course, she is well qualified to hold the office of State Representative. Scott Randolph gave her his blessing as the candidate that will be able to continue to fight the good fight that he has done in Tallahassee. Besides Randolph, Steward is the best Democrat to represent House District 47. ¬†And, just like Randolph, we don’t have to worry about Steward selling out to the AIF and Republican values. She will be elected as a liberal and will legislate as a liberal. The Political Hurricane strongly endorses Linda Steward for State House of Representatives in House District 47.

In addition to supporting Commissioner Stewart, we are also glad that there is a clear choice in State Senate District 12. Geraldine Thompson, just like Stewart, has been a strong liberal as a member of the Florida House of Representatives and will continue to legislate that way in the Florida Senate. As an education leader, Thompson seems the perfect choice to take on the Republican’s attack on education in this state. While just one voice of a very small minority in the House, as a Senator, she can become a bigger voice for Central Florida and educational issues.

Of course, Thompson will take on Victoria Siplin, wife of controversial State Senator Gary Siplin. During his time in the State Senate, Siplin has constantly voted against the interests of people in his district. Instead, he continues to only support his own interests, which might be the reason that he constantly finds himself in legal trouble. There is no reason to think that Victoria Siplin would change the way that the Siplin family runs. In fact, the idea that Gary Siplin’s wife would run for his seats reeks of the George and Lurleen Wallace politics of the mid-1960s. Hopefully, the electorate in State Senate District 12 will not follow the Wallace trend.

The Political Hurricane strongly endorses Geraldine Thompson for State Senate District 12.

3 thoughts on “TPH Endorsements: Thompson for State Senate 12 and Linda Stewart for State House 47.”

  1. calliopeinbroward

    Excellent choice with Rep Thompson. She has been an excellent voice for women from those back rows. Gary Siplin was a joke – and his anti choice votes are rumored to be strong influenced by his wife. That Senate race is proof of not all Democratic candidates being good candidates. I am going to send a check to Rep Thompson’s campaign right now.

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