The smart for Obama, the stupid for Hillary.

Since the beginning of the campaign, I have heard one exit poll stat that is repeated over and over again.
Those voters who only attended high school support Hillary and those who have some college or graduated from college support Obama.

What is the media exactly trying to say? Are they saying that Hillary voters are stupid (because they are not good enough to go to college) and Obama voters are smart? Well, by the way the media has treated Obama, I think that would be a fair assessment.

But in the last few weeks, it seems that some in the media have changed a little on this exit poll, while others have kept the same views.

While watching CNN, I noticed Bill Schneider referring to Obama voters as the “higher end” of the Democratic Party. Basically, being condescending to blue-collar voters.

On the other hand, Chris Matthews on MSNBC looked at the same data as well and said “is it the elite of the Democratic Party supporting Obama?” Is seems like Matthews is a little more fair and balanced. And after kissing Obama’s butt in the earlier primaries, I am glad to see that he might be seeing the light on this issue.

So, basically, if you are a Hillary supporter you are stupid. But if you are an Obama supporter, you have the knowledge of the world at your disposal.

Isn’t it great being called stupid? I don’t think so.