The Political Hurricane: Mike Clelland for Florida House, District 29

Rarely in Seminole County do Democrats have the opportunity to vote for a highly qualified Democrat for the Florida House of Representatives, especially in the most Republican parts of the county which includes the exclusive town of Heathrow. But now Democrats do have the chance.

Mike Clelland, currently an attorney and a former firefighter, has already shown that he has what it takes to be elected.¬†Knowledgeable¬†on the issues, Clelland has already secured the endorsement of the firefighter’s unions, usually one of the only unions that support Republican candidates on a regular basis, especially in Central Florida. In addition, Clelland has also shown strong fundraising capabilities, especially in a district that leans Republican.

Luckily for Clelland, he will not be opposed in the primary. The same can’t be said for current representative and future House Speaker designate for the Republicans Chris Dorworth. With two ethics complaints in a row, Dorworth finds himself running against two other Repubicans. There is no doubt that the Republican primary will be a bloody one, which should only benefit Clelland in the general election, no matter who the Republican candidate is.

While Democrats failed to qualify candidate in a number of Democratic and Democratic opportunity districts, Clelland has the opportunity to prove to Democrats that they can win in Republican districts. The Republicans do have an 8% voter registration advantage, but both McCain and Scott won by closer than expected margins. McCain won with only 53% of the vote. Scott only won with 52%. This shows that independents in the district have been siding with the Democrats more than the Republicans. Clelland could win over these votes and possibly take the election. These numbers also show how Democrats can preform in districts that aren’t targeted. With Clelland putting money into a, hopefully, well organized campaign, he might get the extra 4%-5% that he needs to win this election.

The Political Hurricane strongly endorses Mike Clelland for Florida House in district 29.

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