The Political Hurricane hits a quarter of a million views.

In the last nine months, we have worked hard to make The Political Hurricane one of the leading voices in Florida Democratic politics. Last week, we surpassed the 250,000 views mark. Hopefully we will be able to grow and help guide the future track of the Florida Democratic Party. We want to thank each and every person that has visited our site, as you are the ones that give us the drive to continue. Again, thanks for all of your support and, in return, we will give you our support for a better Florida Democratic Party.

7 thoughts on “The Political Hurricane hits a quarter of a million views.”

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  2. Thanks great…..the truth based on facts works….and for folks to understand that’s the only way to the bests solutions…..putting ego’s and emotion aside is hard, but it is a win win for all…..Congratulations!

  3. Where you can get real news instead of Bizpac talking to the Democratic Party establishment to spin out fake news. Love this site!

  4. I’m at a loss about this.

    Really Clendenin should stay in the race and fight this heavy handed attempt to again choose an unqualified Tallahassee insider as chairwoman.

    I know the deck may be stacked but many activists in DECs have grown sick and tired of this type of top down, Tallahassee centric management. I think he may just still win this thing.

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