The Political Hurricane Endorsement: Ryan Williams for State Attorney, 9th Judicial Circuit.

Ryan William: A clear cut choice for State Attorney.

In Central Florida, the most heated race in any Democratic Primary is for State Attorney. Lawson Lamar, who is seeking reelection, has been accused by some in his office of not only mismanagement, but prosecuting cases that didn’t need to be prosecuted. With this being the case, Lamar is facing his first serious challenge in years (or ever). And in this race, there is only once clear cut choice.

Ryan Williams is the only choice for this office. As a man of pure conviction, Ryan has a history of helping victims, especially in the most awful of crimes, those dealing with sex crimes and child abuse. In addition to being a good prosecutor, he seems to have a compassion to do good. After family problems of his own, Ryan has learned the difference between right and wrong. That kind of conviction will lead to having someone clear and sound of mind in the office of State Attorney.

The other two candidates seeking this office have already shown that they are far from showing that they have a strong sense of people when taking on this case. In addition, some might say that they have a weak sense of the law as well.

Jeff Ashton, who gained his claim to fame in the prosecution of the Casey Anthony case, has already shown that he is more of a problem than the solution. Ashton has been with Mr. Lamar’s office for a number of years. He states that problems in the State Attorney’s office has been happening for a while. If this is the case, why did he not run for State Attorney sooner? Why did he not bring this issues up before now?

Instead, Mr. Ashton seems to be running only because of his fame after losing the open-and-shut case of Casey Anthony. Only a few months after the trial, Ashton decided to run for State Attorney. And his handling of the Anthony case, by trying it as 1st degree instead of 2nd degree, shows that his judgement in these matters would only further hurt the State Attorney’s office. A 2nd degree charge possibly could have brought a guilty verdict to Casey Anthony. Instead, doing the strong-armed tactics of going after 1st degree instead seems that Ashton’s questioning of Lamar might be invalid.

Does Mr. Ashton have a personal vendetta against Mr. Lamar? Who knows. All we know is that Ashton said nothing about Lamar until after this case, and now he is constantly attacking Lamar, who he worked with for years. The timing of both his candidacy and attacks on Lamar seem to be highly questionable.

While Mr. Ashton might have been part of the problem, Mr. Lamar is the problem. Ashton has now repeated a number of times how Lamar’s office is not only mismanaged, but continued to prosecute cases that don’t warrant them. This, along with the lack of diversity in Lamar’s office, shows that Lamar shouldn’t continue as State Attorney.

On the other hand, Jeff Ashton would not bring anything new to the table either. His handling of the Anthony case, the timing of his candidacy announcement as well as his lack of questioning Mr. Lamar or run against him until now gives us an indication that nothing would change.

Mr. Williams is the only candidate that has shown that he will personally take an interest in the office in which he seeks. He appears that he understand not only the process of the law, but which cases should be tried and not tried. He gives the voters of the 9th Judicial Circuit a clear-cut choice when it comes to someone that is trustworthy to hold this office. Mr. Williams is the only clear choice in this race.

The Political Hurricane strongly endorses Ryan Williams for State Attorney in the 9th Judicial District.

3 thoughts on “The Political Hurricane Endorsement: Ryan Williams for State Attorney, 9th Judicial Circuit.”

  1. Ryan Williams is worse than Lamar and Ashton. He has stated he does not care if the accused is innocent or guilty , it is his job to win.