The Political Hurricane Endorsement: Jason Henry for House District 46

In the Florida House District 46 race, voters have a choice of five Democratic candidate to replace outgoing member of the Florida House, Geraldine Thompson. Thompson has been a passionate member of the Florida House during her time there, as well as being a member free of scandal in what is otherwise a district filled with a scandalous past, with the likes of Gary Siplin and Alzo Reddick.

In replacing Rep. Thompson, voters of the district need to make a bold choice. In this case, there choice should be Jason Henry.

Mr. Henry has been involved with the Central Florida Young Democrats as well as being involved in a number of local volunteer organizations. And while most of the candidates in this race has impressive resumes regarding community involvement, Mr. Henry not only has a clear understanding of the issues, but also has a strong grasp of realistic goals as well as promoting ideas that will benefit his district.

Mr. Henry will bring the fresh blood to Tallahassee that both the Legislature and the Democratic Party needs. Too many Democratic members of the Florida House are currently indebted to one special interest group or another, which gets in the way of their better judgement. We feel that Mr. Henry will be clear of this and will be able to not only be a good representative for his district, but also an effective legislator in a Republican-controlled Legislature.

There are four other opponents in this race. While some of them have their strong points, others do not.

Bruce Antone is a former member of the Florida House himself. Yet during his time, there isn’t a strong list of legislative accomplishment that he can point to as his own. While he is knowledgeable regarding the issues and the problems of the district, past performance shows that he might not be the most effective representative. Over some of the other candidates, Mr. Antone would be a better choice, but the question remains whether he would pass legislation that would directly help his district.

Pam Powell is also a very energetic candidate, having a personal story that helps her understand the needs of the people in the district. While she does a good job with telling voters the problems, there is very little in regards to solutions to those problems. She does have the passion and drive to help the people of her district, but just like Mr. Antone, the question is whether she would be effective or not. In her interview with the Orlando Sentinel, she failed to point out any specifics regarding legislation in the Florida Legislature, whether good or bad.

Sean Bradford would not be a good representative for the district. In his interview with the Orlando Sentinel, he spoke vaguely of the issues without anything specific. And while some of what he said sounded good in a vague sense, there were no solutions regarding how he would be a good member of the Florida House of Representatives.

Finally, Rosalind Johnson is in the same boat as Mr. Bradford. Not only did she not offer any solutions about what is going on, but there seems to be a lack of knowing what the issues are in general. In the same Orlando Sentinel video, Ms. Johnson was asked which state legislator she would consider a role model. The fact that she said “none of them” gives our board the opinion that she is not aware of the members of the Florida Legislature, including Ms. Thompson.

The Political Hurricane endorses Jason Henry for Florida House District 46.

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