The Political Hurricane Endorsement – Darren Soto for State Senate 14.

In the new heavily Hispanic State Senate District 14, voters will have a choice between two well known names in the community. Democrat Darren Soto has represented the region in the Florida House of Representatives since 2007. His Republican challenger, William McBride (not to be confused with former Democratic candidate for governor in 2002) is also well known in the community as one of the most popular trial attorneys in the area.

Even though both are well known in the community, the choice for the seat is crystal clear. Darren Soto has been working to give Hispanics in Central Florida a voice in the Florida Legislature. With the addition of Ricardo Rangel and Victor Torres, Mr. Soto will be a great advocate for those in his community.

During his time in the Florida Legislature, Mr. Soto has worked hard to make issues that are important to his district his top priority. Instead of chomping at the controversial issues that the Republican-led Legislature throws out every session, Mr. Soto works to make his constituents his top priority. For example, Mr. Soto has worked to get home foreclosure victims back on their feet. He also has worked hard to clamp down on street racing, which is a huge problem in south-central Orange County, along with other public safety measures. Mr. Soto is truly a “politics is local” type of person.

The Political Hurricane had considered not endorsing Mr. Soto because of his vote on the Parent Trigger bill, which he voted in favor of. Since this vote, Mr. Soto’s campaign, as well as Mr. Soto’s own words during his Orlando Sentinel interview, said that voting for the Parent Trigger bill was a mistake. We feel that his admission of his mistake on this bill shows that he will admit when he makes a mistake, which makes for a better candidate. Mr. Soto could have been like Mr. Romney, who constantly tries to explain his bad ideas. Instead, Mr. Soto said he was wrong, which shows integrity and character.

The other choice in this race is Mr. McBride. During his Orlando Sentinel interview, Mr. McBride failed to give any concrete answers to any of the Sentinel’s questions. His failure to clearly define his position, especially on an issue as fundamental as teacher merit pay, makes Mr. McBride a poor choice for any public office at the state level.

The Political Hurricane endorses Darren Soto for the Florida State Senate, District 14.