Texas-One Man, Two Votes!

Watching the Texas primary/caucus last night, only one thought was going through my mind…”what the hell is going on here!?”

Texas decided to have a system where there would be a primary (which determined 2/3rds of the delegates) and a caucus (which determined the other third of the delegates). Who came up with this friggen plan? Oh yes, the people in the same state that have elected George W. Bush four times!

So, here is my beef….why do some people get to vote twice? Wasn’t there a Supreme Court decision that said “one man, one vote”? I thought I read that somewhere! A textbook maybe?

Still, the Texas caucus is something that only benefits the Obama campaign.
As we have seen time and time again, Hillary usually has the strong support among blue-collar families. These families usually have to get to work early, many times before the break of dawn. Many of these families have children as well. Therefore, these voters have to get to sleep early and have less time to stand in line at a caucus.

On the other hand, Obama supporters are usually white-collar workers (who usually have to be at work at about 9 am), many times they are single or married with no children. If they are not white-collar workers, they are usually college students. Therefore, they can stay up for a caucus and participate in two votes.

Still, it is the two-vote issue that gives me the red ass. It is totally unfair. And, honestly, I wonder if it is legal? The Clinton campaign should challenge this in court, just as they should with the Florida delegates.

I guess the Texas double vote makes up for the disenfranchised vote in Florida.

Unfriggen real!