Ten second rebuttal to Rep. Mike Fasano’s claim that more officers in schools will help stop violence.

MikeFasanoToday, Representative Mike Fasano said that more “resource” (otherwise know as police) officers should be put in our schools. He says that “it is quite possible that the mere presence of a law enforcement officer on campus may be enough of a deterrent to curb or totally prevent school-based violence.”

Here is my ten second rebuttal:

“A shooter with an intent to kill would just shoot the “resource” officer first. Also, having an entire police department didn’t prevent shootings at Virginia Tech or Northern Illinois University.”

***End of debate***

6 thoughts on “Ten second rebuttal to Rep. Mike Fasano’s claim that more officers in schools will help stop violence.”

  1. ok, how about this idea? – turrets on the roof, with mounted machine guns, controlled by computers and microphones. Any gun fired, the machine guns will all turn and fire on the spot where the gun went off. Cool, huh?

  2. or how about this idea – one armed guard for each child. The guard follows the child wherever the child goes during the school day. An army of ~50 million armed guards should certainly be able to turn back any shooter, right?

  3. Just one time why can’t we look at other countries to see what is working and use that as a guide….namely Canada,…they have guns, (lots of them) and folks leave their doors un locked…..with little gun violence….just maybe it’s because their government values the people…America is a violent country that values fear and greed….. Congress is an example of that….

  4. Where is the money going to come from. You going to vote to increase funding for the school protection. Will you vote for a tax increase on assault weapons, bullets and banana clips to pay for the additional security. Will you reduce you office staff and costs to pay for the security.

    Who really needs a high output assault weapon with high impact bullets designed to go through walls and a 30 round clip for hunting or self protection. Hand gun, hunting rifle, shotgun: Yes-Yes and Yes.

    Oh!!!! I AM SORRY: everyone needs these to protect us from invasions, revolutions, children playing their car music to loud, our military, those nuts that already own them and DO NOT FORGET “ALIENS”.

    Vern Buchanan Congressman from Sarasota said it all when doing his interview last week. He did not even offer the victims or families a sorry of a prayer.

    He blamed Sandy Hook on mental health screening. Yet he and his republican friends are voting to reduce funding for these programs. After being called on this subject. Vern offered up a letter to Obama and Boehner asking for funding. This had to be done to cover his butt. He knows the republicans will not vote for anything that increases costs. Especially related to the poor or middle class.

    Money from his gun lobbies, getting tax reductions for the rich 2 percent (which includes themselves), trumps Sandy Hook and safety of our children. He sure refused to say anything on gun control.

    His office would have direct knowledge on the subject considering it heads the republican party contribution arm and collects, sets up and controls the lobby money from the gun lobbies.

    Florida voters must wake up and see that the republicans of today are not the party of the people. They are the party of themselves and the rich.

    Duane Overholt
    Consumer Advocate