Tea Partiers and “Joe The Plumber” hit new low, opposing MO’s Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.

Animal abuse like this is "okay" by Tea Party standards.

Well, you thought that the Tea Party just hated health care for all Americans, better education, and supported less taxes for the rich and immigration reform. Well, apparently, they hate puppies as well.

In Missouri, the Tea Party, along with Joe the Plumber have come out against Humane Society of the United States’ backed anti-puppy mill legislation, calling the measure “radical”.

According to Talking Points Memo, the measure, which can be read in full here, is called Proposition B or the “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.” It aims to help eliminate the “3000 puppy mills” in Missouri that constitute “30% of all puppy mills in the U.S.,” according to Michael Markarian, the Chief Operating Officer of the HSUS.

According to those who oppose the proposed legislation, the “radical” HSUS (I know, pretty funny) said that this is some vast conspiracy to get rid of dog breeders in Missouri. How many Tea Party “conspiracies” do we have now? I have honestly lost count.

Still, the entire article about the Tea Party and Joe the Plumber’s opposition to the legislation can be read here. I honestly don’t want to write any more about the article because I would almost have to quote it verbatim. So this link will sum it all up.

For months and, in fact, years, we have referred to the extreme right of the GOP as “evil”. We look at their ideas, which mostly wants to take away rights and basic essential services away from hard working Americans. And their opposition to the elimination of puppy mills in Missouri just confirms this “fact” that the far right of the GOP is purely “evil”.

The Tea Partiers should be ashamed of themselves. Even in a non-controversial issue like protecting animals, the far-right have to take the opposing side. Thus, if they are successful with their opposition to this proposition, millions of animals will be raised in poor conditions and constantly be abused. That is what they support.

If you are a Tea Partier, and you can still support your cause with this hanging over your head, how can you even sleep at night?

2 thoughts on “Tea Partiers and “Joe The Plumber” hit new low, opposing MO’s Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.”

  1. Here’s more information about Proposition B in Missouri.

    My fellow Missourians, please vote YES on Proposition B. Anyone who owns a pet rescued from one of my state’s esteemed puppy mills can tell woeful tales of the sad condition that these dogs were once in.

    Joe the Plumber needs to keep to fixing leaky faucets, instead of trying to mislead the public about a proposition that would improve the welfare of animals in Missouri..

  2. Kim the carpenter

    Currently a Missouri non-resident-Joe the Plumber- is campaigning against that states’ prop B, the anti puppy-mill legislation. He attacks the US Humane Society and liberals as people who want to eliminate pets and big gov’t getting into our lives, blah, blah, blah. My wife has been a volunteer at the Marin Humane Society for 9 years.

    I disagree with his premise and the “facts” he uses. I wish to debate him. face-to-face.

    I am a carpenter of 25 years and general contractor in California.My wife & I own a small “Mom & Pop” business. My company-Noble Builders has been in business for 20 years. I have the first “Certified Green” remodel in Marin County and have been recognized by the Marin County Board of Supervisors for that as well as other environmentally conscientious activities of my company.

    I have been appointed to an unelected position as Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission for the Town of Corte Madera(the size of Wassilla). I have served my community as such for over three years. That is the extent of my political career. I do not have a college degree; I am not a career or otherwise politician, radio or TV personality. I am a successful tradesman.

    You can verify my qualifications:

    I can be reached at

    Please help me achieve this goal. It’d be good for all and an expression of freedom of speech.

    Thank you in advance.

    “Kim the Carpenter”
    Kim Noble Baez