Stearnsgate? Stearns, Carroll, Sapp might have tried to pay off Stearns’ opponent.

Come November, will Cliff Steans be in Congress, or prison?

There are only a few old timers left in the Florida Congressional delegation, and that number could possibly be reduced by one after November. Congressman Cliff Stearns could possibly be in hot water.

Because Steans has been drawn out of his current Congressional district, he has now decided to run in the 3rd Congressional District which is, kind of, a new district. In our preview on Monday, we discussed this district.

Anyway, as soon as the district was drawn, Clay County Clerk of Courts, James Jett, announced that he was seeking the 3rd Congressional district seat. Apparently, Stearns must have felt threatened because Jett says that the Stearns campaign tried to buy him out of the race with money and political positions.

Usually one would just blow off this accusation, but Jett has released audio of phone messages left Judd Sapp, a big time GOP donor, regarding Jett’s departure from the race. Also involved in this web is Jim Horne as well as Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll.

While this investigation is just starting to break, it will be interesting to see where it heads. As of right now, there are some pretty big names in the mix. Nothing really shows me that Congressman Stearns himself was involved, but fingers are pointing to the other three mentioned above. Still, The Florida Times-Union has a write up on this possible investigation and I will just put the link below for everyone to read:

This election season might have just become more exciting!

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