Senate Race Ratings – November 4

We’ve moved SD-14 where Darren Soto’s broad range of support and Democratic oriented district means he’s virtually unbeatable. Will McBride has been an interesting candidate but this was the wrong district and wrong opponent. In SD-35 Republican challenger John Couriel continues to intrigue observers but is unlikely to seriously challenge Gwen Margolis. In recent days we detect an ever so slight shift towards Maria Sachs in the closely watched and hotly contested SD-34, which will go down as the most expensive legislative race in Florida history. While Democratic early turnout has begun to lag in Palm Beach County, it has exceeded expectations in Broward giving Sachs a real chance of winning the seat.

Full ratings below.

Safe D Likely D Leans D Toss Up Leans R Likely R Safe R
SD 12 (Open) SD 3 (Montford) SD 25 (Open) SD 34 (Bogdanoff/Sachs)  SD 8 (Open) SD 4 (Open) SD 1 (Gaetz)
SD 19 (Open) SD 9 (Gibson) SD 35 (Margolis) SD 7 (Open) SD 2 (Evers)
SD 27 (Open) SD 14 (Open) SD 10 (Simmons) SD 5 (Dean)
SD 29 (Ring) SD 15 (Open) SD 6 (Thrasher)
SD 31 (Smith) SD 21 (Open) SD 11 (Hays)
SD 33 (Sobel) SD 24 (Open) SD 13 (Gardiner)
SD 36 (Braynon) SD 32 (Negron) SD 16 (Altman)
SD 39 (Open) SD 17 (Open)
SD 18 (Open)
SD 20 (Latvala)
SD 22 (Open)
SD 23 (Richter)
SD 26 (Open)
SD 28 (Open)
SD 30 (Benacquisto)
SD 37 (Flores)
SD 38 (Garcia)
SD 40 (Diaz De La Portilla)