Senate Race Ratings – May 28th

Senate District 17

Representative John Legg has decided to move from Pasco to Hillsborough to seek this seat in a primary versus Senator Jim Norman. Norman, who has been elected consistently from this area for two decades but has been dogged by ethical problems. Legg will compete also with Former Rep. Rob Wallace who was a tea-partier before the tea party existed. Wallace, was principled on government spending to a fault, something that put himself at odds with many Republicans who having just taken the legislative majority were eager to spend on their own pet projects.

Senate District 22

A district that was carried both by Barack Obama and Alex Sink, yet all the action seems to be on the Republican side here. Leadership elections are dictating who runs for what Senate seat on the GOP side while the Democrats sit aside as bystanders. This past week Rod Smith did not mention this seat as a Democratic target in his comments at Senator Maria Sachs campaign kickoff in Delray Beach.

Senate District 24

Senator Rhonda Storms decision to seek local office has opened the door for former Senate President Tom Lee to seek his old seat. Lee has the dubious distinction of being the only Republican to have lost a statewide election for cabinet office in the last fourteen years. Lee will be challenged by Rep. Rachel Burgin, an intellectual lightweight whose opportunity to defeat Lee in a primary rests on internal Senate politics. The Republican majority has been so permanent and opposition from the Democrats both on legislation and in elections is so tepid and limited that many of the fights today are among Republicans and are personality driven.

Senate District 34

The race of this cycle or any cycle for that matter continues to attract luminaries from both parties. Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith was campaigning for Maria Sachs last week, while Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater will be campaigning for Bogdanoff this week.

3 thoughts on “Senate Race Ratings – May 28th”

  1. The Senate seate that Storms is vacating is the new 24 (old 10), not 23.
    The new 23 is down near Naples and I assume is the seat Richter will be running for. 29, which you are showing as Richter is actually now in Broward County and likely Ring’s district (you have listed SD29 twice-you actually have 41 districts shown.)

  2. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat

    Pathetic the picture is. I suppose our leaders like being in the minority so they can continue to collect checks as party staff and consultants and not be judged based on performance or results.