Senate Race Ratings – May 21st

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Senate District 22

All signs continue to point to an easy victory for  either Rep. Jeff Brandes or Rep. Jim Frishe  (or Sen. Jack Latvala) who has further consolidated local political support in Pinellas County. As Peter Schorsch at Saint Petersblog has continued to report, Frishe has locked up the support of Majority Leader Andy Gardiner and just about every other possible person who matters in terms of transferring or building support in the South Pinellas area. Senator Jack Latvala has been rumored to jump into this race as well in order to defeat Brandes who has not committed to support him for Senate President. That would leave the Northern Pinellas seat where Latvala is expected to run for Frishe. This race remains in the “Leans Republican” column but as has been the case with so many marginal seats over the past two decades the Republicans are likely to win it.

The district voted for both Barack Obama and Alex Sink but until the Democrats either prove they can run a strong campaign here or take advantage of Republican infighting, the GOP has to be favored here.

No changes were made to this week’s ratings.

8 thoughts on “Senate Race Ratings – May 21st”

  1. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat

    I’m not sure Abruzzo in 25 is all that likely. Dems still hope Laxer who is a real Democrat runs although that is looking less likely, and Merchant is a strong moderate R. Hope we win it but it is not that safe for the Dems as you claim. Abruzzo too pro gun, voucher and other conservative stuff to fire up the base. Some Dens may crossover and support Merchant who is very liberal for a Republican.

  2. Laxer is making the right decision not running. Abruzzo is a budding Democrat superstar and is being taken very seriously by all the powers that be. He will win the general easily. Merchant ought not even bother. She is a loser anyhow.

  3. Abruzzo wont stay in office if he even gets elected. These people have no idea what is really going on. I hope for Joe he walks away from all of this while he still can in order to save his career and reputation. He thinks he is going to bring others down……other way around.

  4. Laxer has the support of the activists but does not have the support of the true leaders locally who control the network of fundraisers and club leaders who produce the vote. All she would serve to do at this point is weaken Abruzzo who we as Dens need to all strongly support.

  5. WTF is this all about? Abruzzo has been lauded for his integrity even taking on the hospital district corruption which wasn’t the politically expedient thing to do.

  6. MS Abruzzo is looking into other people’s closet while he should check out his own first. Laxer should run and what leaders are in the party? Brian Miller? Robert Wexler. Manning? Deutch? Sachs and Abruzzo stuff is already out of the closet to most. It just has not hit the press yet. There are no leaders in the current Democratic party. The Healthcare District corruption he is also tied to despite filing the bill. How do you think he got on the district in the first place. It is going to be a back and forth between Weiss & Handler & Sachs, Sax and Kaplan. The problem is what are you going to do when they all get busted for something if they do?

  7. I love Maria Sachs she is fantastic just like Patrick Murphy. Abruzzo is not so fab!