Scott Randolph, Steve Barnes do well in recent fundraising.

Randolph is most impressive Democrat in fundraising in the latest filing period.

With the most recent filing period deadline coming and going in Florida’s state races, both Democratic State Representative Scott Randolph in District 36 and Democratic challenger Steve Barnes in District 34 had the most impressive increases in their bank accounts.

Between September 11th and 24th, incumbent Scott Randolph raised $6,325, increasing his grand total to $74,068. He has only spent a little under $33,000 so far, giving him more than enough in his war chest for the general elections if he wishes to spend it. In reality, he doesn’t need to. His Republican opponent, Greg Reynolds, has raised a little over $38,000. Still, this seat should be easily held by Randolph.

In a race that is much harder for Democrats, Steve Barnes has been able to raise $5,482 in the last two weeks. Barnes, who received the endorsement of the Orlando Sentinel last week, is looking to make a charge at one of the leaders in the Republican Party, Chris Dorworth. Out of the amount that Barnes has raised, $2,067 has come from the Florida Democratic Party. The fact that the Democratic Party put this amount into his account should not be shocking. Just because they have inserted this amount doesn’t mean they are targeting the seat. But it is a positive move and can hopefully help Barnes raise even more.

Dorworth, on the other hand, must have realized that he could possibly have a fight on his hands. With the Sentinel harshly opposing his time in the Florida Legislature in their endorsement of Barnes, Dorworth raised $36,000 between September 11th and 24th. His contributors include Bayer, Wal Mart, Florida PBA, The Florida Chamber and even Florida Justice. Therefore, all the tools necessary for Dorworth to retain his seat are now available to him.

In the other State House races, none of the candidates have been able to put up impressive numbers. While many of them have been able to average around the $2,500 range, none of them are nearly raising what they need to take on their Republican opponents. The only exception is Darren Soto, who only raised $2,500, but is only being opposed by a Non-Party candidate anyway.

As far as the other Central Florida House candidates, here is the differences between the Democratic and Republican candidate’s fundraising between September 11th and 24th.

Dist 25 – Frank Wood (D)$1,835, Larry Metz (R)$6,160
Dist 31 – Jodi James (D)$3,327, John Tobia (R)$2,300
Dist 33 – Loe Cruz (D)$2,220, Jason Brodeur (R)$8,750
Dist 25 – Amy Mercado (D)$2,350, Dean Cannon (R)$56,600
Dist 40 – Todd Christian (D)$2,835, Eric Eisnagule (R)$10,415
Dist 41 – Lee Douglas (D)$0, Steven Precourt (R)$33,020
Dist 79 – Eddie Freeman (D), Waiver, Mike Horner (R)$15,035

Tea Party candidates in most of these races continue to file wavers, failing to disclose their campaign finances.