Saunders Conservative Friends Stimulate Strong Fundraising Quarter

House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders, who has spent the past two years leading his caucus to play dead in the face of Rick Scott’s agenda raised $61,470 in the last quarter. Saunders is running for the same southeast Florida Senate seat he sought in 2002.

Saunders’ report is extraordinary for a Democrat. It is highlighted by multiple checks from Associated Industries of Florida, gaming and parimutuels who are pushing casino gambling in the state as a cure for the funding problems created by the Republican Legislature, developers, conservative advocacy groups and several Republican aligned lobbying groups.

Under the leadership of Saunders, loyal progressives were shunned in favor “pragmatism,” a real Democratic agenda was rejected in favor of “moderation,” and political reemergence (recall Saunders was once a failed statewide Democratic candidate) over the greater good of the party and the progressives.

Thankfully Saunders financial advantage can only do so much in order to promote his candidacy. Our website has strongly endorsed Representative Dwight Bullard, but in the opinion of our entire staff, we believe any Democratic candidate will be preferable to Saunders.

4 thoughts on “Saunders Conservative Friends Stimulate Strong Fundraising Quarter”

  1. Concerned Democrat

    Saunders fundraising haul is poor compared to other Democrats out there. But the places he’s raised from are worrying.

  2. What about the voucher people? I can guarantee they would give Saunders money.

    AIF loves Saunders. He has been the most anti consumer Democratic leader in history.