Ron Saunders Fundraising and NRA Endorsement Continues Conservative Trend

House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders is a favorite of Tallahassee business lobbyists and Republicans.Saunders has won the backing of the Florida Chamber, Associated Industries of Florida, agriculture and sugar. This is in addition to his established support for school “choice” legislation which has reaped rewards in terms of campaign contributions.

Saunders could be considered Rick Scott’s favorite Democrat. Under Saunders’ watch, Democrats have supported business and school choice initiatives in record numbers, stood still as environmental protection and growth management were gutted and played dead in the face of assaults on women’s reproductive rights. Simply put, Saunders leadership has been a disaster for progressives and boon for Republicans and Scott agenda. For all these reasons and more we named Ron Saunders to our list of “Florida’s Most Wanted” last month.

It’s no small wonder why the GOP aligned special interests are raising money at a vigorous rate for Saunders. In his campaign to replace Larcenia Bullard (to whom Saunders lost in 2002) in the State Senate, Saunders raised an impressive $40,770 over the course of the past two weeks.

Saunders, the current House Democratic leader also received an A+ score and an endorsement from the National Rifle Association. Despite having been a relatively progressive Democrat in his first stint as a member of the House in the 1980s and 1990s, Saunders has played a critical role in  further solidifying one party, conservative control of the state legislature.

Thankfully, their are better choices in Senate District 39. The Political Hurricane has strongly endorsed Representative Dwight Bullard, a  progressive whose leadership on education issues has been invaluable in the face  of Saunders accommodation with conservative forces.

5 thoughts on “Ron Saunders Fundraising and NRA Endorsement Continues Conservative Trend”

  1. Saunders is a pragmatic, practical leader showing the Democrats the way forward. The fact that this left wing rag hates him should be enough proof to those who value competence over ideology that he deserves to be a Senator.

  2. He will further ruin the Senate especially now with NRA support and an A plus rating as you wrote about earlier.

  3. You are a disgrace to Palm Beach County, MS. Go play with your balls and stop reading this “rag.”.