Republican McCollum backs Sink on Scott’s attack ad.

In a commercial released by the Rick Scott campaign (Republican nominee for governor in Florida), Scott accuses Alex Sink (the Democratic candidate) of poor oversight while being the state’s CFO. Here is the commercial that was released by the Scott campaign:

While the ad quotes the St. Pete Times (which is a Democratic-leaning paper) a number of times, the articles from the Times do not mention Sink specifically.

Still, this didn’t stop Bill McCollum, the state’s Republican Attorney General and political opponent of Scott during the gubernatorial primary, to come out and defend Sink. McCollum defended both Alex Sink and Governor Charlie Crist and their handling of the financial issues surrounding the State Board of Administrator’s financial oversight.

Here is the article on the Orlando Sentinel’s political blog that goes into the issue in more detail.

Still, this basically shows that the Republican candidate, who continues to trail Sink in most polls, will resort to even deception to win the Florida Governor’s race.