Randolph Drops FDP Chair Bid

Following his election as Orange County Tax Collector (where he had to good fortune of running as the late Earl K. Wood on the ballot),  Rep. Scott Randolph has dropped his bid for FDP Chair. Randolph released the following statement:

“My recent election to the post of Orange County Tax Collector requires my full commitment to delivering service in the most efficient, fair, and ethical manner for the taxpayers of Orange County.

“While I will continue to work to strengthen the Democratic Party in the heart of the I-4 corridor through my involvement and leadership with the local party, my dedication to the Tax Collector’s office is my foremost priority. I am proud of what we accomplished In Orange County in the 2012 elections and believe that volunteering my time here will keep Orange County solidly blue in the coming elections.”

Randolph’s withdrawal leaves Hillsborough State Committeeman Alan Clendenin and Annette Tadeo as the only announced candidates although Tadeo will need to be elected to the State Committee from Miami-Dade County during their December elections to be eligible for the post.




4 thoughts on “Randolph Drops FDP Chair Bid”

  1. Alan Clendenin has been involved in Democratic politics his whole life and is the logical choice for FDP chair. He has a vision for the future of Florida that mirrors the Florida Democratic Platform, which came out of the Platform Committee which he chaired. I believe he sees a less centralized FDP as the way forward. No more top down dictates.

  2. Annette ran unsuccessfully back in 2008 against Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. She is young, smart, energetic and can raise money.