Polling Analysis and Feedback

Many campaigns rely on polling data to make data-driven decisions regarding their campaign strategy. However, many polling firms only give campaigns a handful of crosstabs that might not give a clear picture of the electorate. 

At Voting Trend, take the raw polling data an try to understand the electorate based on regression analysis and political science methodology models. Simply put, we look at how strong (or weak) the relationships are between variables, and try to give you a stronger understanding of the exact relationships that voters have with the issues, candidates, parties, ideology, and other variables.

We can also try to provide some forecasting models based on polling data. Below is a real-life basic polling analysis, from a highly respected Washington DC polling firm for a candidate running for Congress in 2017. This analysis seeks to understand the relationship between party registration and party identification, infusing both polling and VAN/VoteBuilder data. Of course, reports will look vastly different than this report based on questions, what the campaigns are trying to figure out, and the statistical analysis done.