Polling Analysis

Defining Question

When polling firms are hired by campaigns, they usually provide campaigns with a pdf file of the crosstabulations that are the main reason for the poll. However, polls can hold a wealth of information that isn’t in the crosstabs, but can be vital for campaign decisions. Therefore, getting the raw data and breaking it down even further allows the campaign to glean more information about the electorate in general. In this project, the question we wanted to answer was about how many registered Republicans viewed both Democratic and Republican politicians, and to see if there was any consistency.

Data Wrangling

Because this was polling data, the data itself was provided by the polling firm that was hired. They conducted a benchmark poll, which also included questions regarding messaging. However, the goal of this project was to get a clearer idea of how voters identify themselves, and what their opinions are of local politicians in the area. Therefore, most of the fields in the data were removed, and then the remaining data was cleaned to make it easier for those within the campaign to understand (such as labeling sex by Male/Female instead of 1/2). You can see both the raw and cleaned data in the first two tabs of the Excel file (that you can download below).

Final Dashboard

The final dashboard gives a clear look at the electorate using different, and more detailed, filters. The additional filters included were Party Registration, Age Category, and Voting Method. This gives a clearer understanding of the electorate, as well as providing more information for targeting opportunities.

Below is what the dashboard on the Excel file looks like.

Click Excel Logo to Download File