PolitiFact Florida Rates Bondi Claim False


Last week Attorney General Pam Bondi said:

“National studies are already showing the negative effects that the health care law is having on businesses and our economy. Businesses across the country are raising their prices … (or) cutting jobs as a result of the added cost.”

Well the Pulitizer Prize winning website PolitiFact which was started by the then St Pete (now Tampa Bay) Times has rated this claim “false”. Bondi long ago choose a course of petty partisan warrior rather than dignified non-political Attorney General. This is not shocking for a former Fox News Contributor, a distinction typically reserved for partisan Republican hacks and weak/ agreeable liberals.

In Bondi, the RPOF has what they always wanted. A partisan hack willing to ignore significant aspects of the law in order to push an ideological agenda. Failure to do this is what ran Charlie Crist afoul with the Republican establishment in the first place, when he was Attorney General. Bill McCollum moved the needle towards ideologue in his four year tenure but Bondi has taken extremism to a whole new level.

Bondi’s maniacal hatred of the Affordable Care Act and President Obama’s policies deem her unfit to represent an objective point of view in court. We’ve editorialized many times in the past about our Attorney General so this time, we will defer to the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board to make the points that need to be brought forward.

2 thoughts on “PolitiFact Florida Rates Bondi Claim False”

  1. The sad thing in this case is that Bondi’s statements are false, and that she lacks creditability…she subscribes to the Rick Scott play book……….Hopefully, her physican husband doesn’t belong to HMA hospitals….that are under investigation for Medicare Fraud (60 minutes report)……The Bottom line here is…….that the Bottom
    Line appears to take precedent over care….that’s why we need single payer…. a model similar to the Cleveland Clinic……