Political Hurricane Victory: Bembry taken off of DCCC target list.

A few months ago, this website made aware the issue that both the Florida Democratic Party as well as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee seemed to be taking sides in a primary for the 2nd Congressional district. In this primary, there are four candidates that qualified for this position. But even with that being the case, both the FDP and the DCCC seemed to be taking the side of Leonard Bembry, who is more a Republican than a Democrat.

When Bembry was put on the DCCC’s “Red to Blue 2012” target, we informed our readers that it was wrong for the DCCC to take sides in any primary. We asked our readers to let the DCCC know that what they are doing is a big mistake, especially considering there were other qualified candidates in the race.

We are proud to say that it seems that the pressure has produced results. On the DCCC’s “Red to Blue 2012” site, Leonard Bembry is no longer featured. Instead, the site now says that Florida’s 2nd Congressional district is a “targeted” district. The DCCC did the right thing in pulling their feature of Bembry on their target list. True, this seat is one that Democrats have a strong chance of winning, but we at the Political Hurricane hope that it is with Al Lawson instead of Leonard Bembry.

Even though the DCCC understands this concept of not picking sides in primaries, the Florida Democratic Party still fails to grasp this fundamental idea. Yes, they push their local DECs to stay absolutely neutral in primaries that pit Democrats against one another. But with the release of the new commercial feature House and Senate members at yesterday’s JJ Dinner, the Florida Democratic Party continues to be hypocritical in what they do and say.

We would like to thank our readers and those that put pressure on the DCCC and helped us get Bembry off of the list. We have a long way to go to make real change in the Florida Democratic Party and how things run in our state. But we will take this victory and move forward.