Political Hurricane Endorsement: Patrick Murphy For 18th Congressional District

Finding a Democrat willing to fully embrace Environmentalism is becoming tougher and tougher in Florida. In recent elections, Democrats have often failed to emphasize conservation issues despite it polling highly as a priority among independent voters.

Patrick Murphy,  a first time candidate running for Congress in House District 18 is an exception. A fresh new face to electoral politics, Murphy is emphasizing environmental protection and energy independence in his campaign. Murphy speak with credibility as he currently serves as Vice President of Coastal Environmental Services, which specializes in disaster relief and environmental cleanup. In 2010, Murphy spent six months in the Gulf of Mexico leading the company’s efforts to remove oil spilled during the BP disaster. Coastal Environmental is an affiliate of Coastal Construction, one of the leading construction firms in the country and has been named one of the nation’s top “Green Contractors”.

Murphy’s GOP opponent needs to no introduction to most informed voters. Few Republican in the country engender the type of passion among activists on both sides of the political spectrum as Allen West. The Plantation based lawmaker has compiled a hard right voting record full of incendiary remarks in his first term in Congress. West has become a national hero of the Tea Party Movement at the same time as he has become a convenient fundraising tool for Democrats. This has allowed Murphy to become one of the best funded Democratic challengers in the country.

West attempted to avoid certain defeat in the redrawn District 22 (where TPH has endorsed Lois Frankel) by moving north to the Treasure Coast oriented 18th. Murphy however also abandoned his candidacy in District 22 and moved north to continue his challenge. Murphy is emphasizing not just conservation but also economic issues and jobs during this campaign, strategically redirecting the debate from West’s bombastic barbs on social issues, foreign policy and the President to issues that really matter to voters.

Murphy, a CPA has been strongly backed by former Governor Charlie Crist and former Congressman Robert Wexler. This gives Murphy a strong grounding in a district whose new lines indicate a toss up politically. The district takes in the heavily Republican but moderate and environmental leaning Martin County and St. Lucie County, which has proven to be a swing area in recent elections, and parts of Palm Beach County including the very Democratic condo area Century Village in West Palm Beach. The district also includes several gated communities that have proven to be the decisive vote in recent West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County elections in the area. These gated areas are classic suburban swing neighborhoods where Murphy’s style should give him an advantage.

The overall performance numbers of the district are almost dead even, but in Presidential election years like 2012, it trends more Democratic. Allen West’s brand of fiery conservatism is a  bad match for almost any part of southeast Florida outside heavily Cuban-American areas of Miami-Dade County. But West has made a name for himself locally with his outstanding constituent service and attention to local interests. West has also been mentioned as VP possibility by 2008 GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin, but national ambitions and a national profile won’t help West in this district.

Before he faces off with West, Murphy must negotiate a primary against two local challengers. Both have every right to run as Murphy has moved north from Fort Lauderdale to compete in this district. But should Murphy be denied the nomination, chances of a Democratic pickup in this seat will have vanished.

The Political Hurricane  highly recommends and endorses Patrick Murphy in the Democratic Primary and November election for Florida’s 18th Congressional District.

21 thoughts on “Political Hurricane Endorsement: Patrick Murphy For 18th Congressional District”

  1. If you have friends like that who needs enemies. Good luck cutie pants looks like you might change your party again after you lose. Hey maybe you can get that donation back from Romney you gave him in 2008.

  2. Nice putting lipstick on a pig.

    This is a great website but this isn’t your finest moment backing a candidate being run by CharLIE and Robert Wexler.

    I suppose we have little choice since the party deferred to CharLIE and didn’t actually recruit a decent local candidate. Should we be surprised considering Harrell went unopposed in a very winnable seat?

  3. Agree with the Prophet. I think Murphy is a nice guy and he may have a bright future ahead of himself but he is surrounding himself with the WRONG people. He even knows this is wrong but now he is in too deep.

  4. Murphy is a sweetheart but if his judgement is based on who he defers to says volumns. I have spoken to him alone and he does know better. He should prove it NOW! He has a great career ahead of himself by dropping the Rs but dealing with Wexler, Johnson and Crist is a disaster. He needs to drop them and be a leader. He is so smart and if he loses they will blame him. Patrick listen you are so much better than this. Start talking to real people.

  5. Very good endorsement.

    Murphy will be improving as a candidate as time goes on.

    Eric is the best operative in the state. The national people who are coming into the Murphy campaign know Eric’s capabilities and actually want him to work on other races as well throughout the country.

    The Florida Party should be taking advantage of his qualifications and using him more on state level races. But they are too busy using Smith and Sink’s people.

  6. Eric is a joke. And MS Eric is with Smith and Siegal. Read your own blogs. Murphy is great his staff sucks. I have volunteered in his office alot. I love him! He needs to get rid of Eric and stay away from Crist!

  7. ERIC has not one a race in the county or state outside of primary which have all been through sick tactics that will catch up to him.

  8. Murphy ROCKS!!!!! We need good young Ds here in PBC to run. I like Aronberg too and really hope that Laxer runs soon. She has the complete package! Young, smart and HOT! Joey Abruzzo is awesome too! Young Dems taking over and West is going to loose!

  9. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat

    Great endorsement. We appreciate that Murphy is walking the walk on green jobs and other environmental issues.

  10. WestPalmVoter

    Good endorsement but the guy has no chance especially with the losers that are helping him minus Shelby!!!! She rocks!!

  11. Eric’s races: Murphy-General election, Deutch-no race, Berman-no race, Slosberg-no race, Pafford-1/2 race, Clemens, Bogdanoff/Sachs (working both sides) Berman-awful-no race, Perman-Rader-we know how that happened…yo pay me more money and we will get you in. I heard your wife is a Rabbi.

    Eric and Segal-dumb and dumber…..

  12. Laxer is an idiot for not running. Eric is a joke and is the problem with our party. I hope Patrick wins but if he does not I hope he learns from the mistake that the entire county has not.

  13. Laxer would have been the strongest candidate versus West with her AIPAC backing, divestment record and connection with all the Jewish groups. Shame she did not run.

  14. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat

    I actually like Murphy despite being a former Republican and Romney supporter. I don’t like Wexler/Eric influence though and hope he gains some independence from them.

  15. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat

    The activists like Tara but she has now burned us a few times saying she would run and then flaking out when it came time to file. I do not think her candidacy can be counted on or will be high on our list. She may be smart, young and hot but her lack of follow through on promises is an ongoing four year long story. Hopefully she’ll do what she says she will do in the future and stop leading us on.

  16. All this discussion of Laxer always on this site. I’ve never even met this person and I’ve been going to local West Palm events for many years now.

  17. Closet Blogger

    That is because she never leaves Boca. Ask people about how many times she has said she was going to be somewhere or do something and didn’t. No one expects anything from her anymore.

  18. Both of the other candidates have more experience than Murphy, who actually has none. they just dont have a rich Dad who contributes to Debbiie Wasserman

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