Political Hurricane Endorsement: Mark Danish For State House District 63

Reapportionment has provided the Democratic Party with opportunities across the state to pick up seats previously held by Republicans. While many of these opportunities have already been squandered for this election cycle, House District 63 represents perhaps the best such opportunity in the state. The Hillsborough County district has been held by Republican Shawn Harrison for the last two years. Harrison has put ideological priorities ahead of  those of the area and compiled a 98% voting record with the reactionary Associated Industries of Florida. The Democrats have an excellent candidate this cycle in Mark Danish.

Danish grew up in New York, and he received his degree in earth and environmental sciences with secondary education from City University of New York (Queens College). After completing his education, Danish moved to Florida where he has been a teacher in Hillsborough County for the past thirty years, twenty seven of which have been spent in the Hillsborough Public Schools. Danish is committed to promoting education as his priority and will work to  against the continued efforts to make Florida’s a laboratory for Jeb Bush’s policy agenda that he is attempting to export nationally.  He is also committed to ensuring our schools improve to allow Florida to compete more aggressively other states regarding job creation and economic growth. With a background in Environmental science Danish also understands the need for Florida’s environment and unique Everglades ecosystem to be preserved in order to promote Florida’s unique lifestyle and protect our economy. The University of South Florida is in District 63, and Danish will work to ensure that the University’s interest are well represented by its resident Representative.

This is contrasted with Harrison whose conservative record included voting for the dangerous “parent-trigger” school legislation, support of the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act (HB 213) and a proposal to eliminate $300 million in state revenue with no suggestion on how to replace it.  Harrison’s point of view is entirely out of step with this moderate district.

The redrawn Florida State House District 63 includes Lutz, the University of South Florida, Lake Magdalene, and Carrollwood. President Obama won the two-party vote in District 63  54-46, and in the 2010 gubernatorial election  Alex Sink  carried the two-party vote 53-47.

Danish has a primary against Z.J. Hafeez who does not live in the district. The winner will face Harrison in November. The Political Hurricane  highly recommends and endorses Mark Danish in the Democratic Primary and November election for Florida House District 63.