Political Hurricane Endorsement: Lois Frankel For 22nd Congressional District

In the Democratic primary race for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, there couldn’t be more of a contrast between the two major candidates running for the seat, former State House Democratic leader  and West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel and current Broward County Commissioner Kristan Jacobs. The winner will face former House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, a Delray Beach based Republican in November.

Congressional District 22 has shifted dramatically in favor of the Democrats following redistricting prompting Republican incumbent and tea party darling Alan West to move north to the redrawn 18th district. Both Democrats have substantial political and fundraising bases. However, in order to face off with the dogmatic conservative yet attractive Hasner, the Democrats need a proven vote getter and someone tough enough to take punches and keep going. Quite honestly, it would be difficult to find a better Democrat anywhere in state to take the fight directly to the Republicans than Frankel.

Frankel is an unabashed tough liberal who has done more to further the cause of electing progressive women in the state of Florida than just about any other politician in the state. As House Democratic Leader, Frankel recruited women in a record number of House districts to run in the 2000 election. She also worked tirelessly to raise money, recruit candidates and train campaign staff in that election cycle to compete in seats across the state. While Frankel’s initiative’s could not buck the GOP tide statewide, she helped formulate a blueprint for competing in Legislative elections that the State party has unwisely discarded since her term was up in 2002. The Democrats have not reached the level of ambition nor organization on the House campaign level since Frankel’s departure.

As Democratic Leader, Frankel clearly differentiated a vision for the party from that of the majority Republicans. The messaging from the House Democratic Office during her tenure as Leader was unquestionably progressive and helped create some strong debating points to derail dangerous legislation once the action moved from the House to the Senate floor. Frankel’s willingness to fight for progressive causes was never in doubt before she was the House Leader. But unlike many Democrats who become pragmatic and cut deals with the GOP, Frankel stayed true to her principles as Leader and helped the Democrats define clearly their message.

As West Palm Beach Mayor, Frankel was successful in bringing business to the city while continuing to grow the perception of the area as a serious destination for both tourists and conventions. During her eight years as Mayor the city increased its tax base and continued to provide more services for its residents.

A word about Jacobs. She has been a better than average Broward County Commissioner and certainly deserves consideration for another office in the future. We applaud Jacobs outspoken environmentalism on a commission whose record on development issues is poorer than that of many more conservative counties. But her decision to seek this office created an unneeded primary for a deserving candidate, polarized the electorate pitting Broward Democrats against Palm Beach County Democrats and opens the possibility that should Jacobs be elected her successor on the Broward Commission would be appointed by Governor Rick Scott. Our hope is that Jacobs will run for another office after her term as Broward Commissioner expires, but now is not the time for her to have sought a congressional seat.

While we strongly endorse Frankel, should Jacobs win the primary she will be far preferable to the dangerous ideologue Adam Hasner. Despite a somewhat moderate reputation, Hasner’s voting record as a member of the Florida House veered sharply to the right. Despite holding a marginal seat for his tenure in the legislature, the Democrats never seriously challenged him and he was backed by a handful of local Democratic activists who ignored the reactionary aspects of both Hasner’s votes and his inflammatory rhetoric.

Defeating Adam Hasner must be a top Democratic priority and we feel Lois Frankel is best equipped to accomplish this. The Political Hurricane highly recommends and endorses Lois Frankel in the Democratic Primary and November election for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District.

29 thoughts on “Political Hurricane Endorsement: Lois Frankel For 22nd Congressional District”

  1. She is one of the few in the party that get others elected based on issues that are not financial like Wexler & Deutch. I wish she would be my Congresswoman.

  2. Lois, ??? Really ?? Ask the folks in West Palm who she presided over as Mayor if they would vote for her… She is thought of in some circles as Burt Aaronson in a dress.

  3. I agree entirely on Hasner. He is no moderate and is in fact a dangerous conservative because he talks about ridiculous things like boycotting Citgo, bombing Iran, divesting from countries who Israel doesn’t like when in fact that does nothing more than hurt Florida’s economy. I am concerned about Florida not Israel, even though I am Jewish and have been to Israel. He’ll be AIPAC’s biggest war mongering ally in the Florida delegation. We need consensus for Mideast peace not bomb throwers.

    I do have to say however, I think you are short selling Kristan Jacobs. When compared with Frankel she has a pleasant disposition, she is a good Democrat and could hold the seat for years. I am supporting her. Frankel may be good on the issues but she comes across as too angry, bitter and a relic of the time when women had to scream to get their way in politics. I will support her should she win the nomination but I think the match up with Jacobs against Hasner has greater potential for us.

  4. Kristen is nice but she is not ready for the big league. If she was she would have started running sooner or she would have ran against Ring to get him out. With Israel it is clear you are about as clueless as Hasner when it comes to the need to advance social issues. Get a job and read a book……learn a bit about the Middle East. If people are pushing Jacobs it is only for Hasner to win at the end, which he may because of the Jacobs.

  5. You are thinking of Aaronson’s staffer. Lois is great on the policy and she will be the biggest leader in Congress when elected. Go Lois…love ya Kristen but you know you should not be running on the money our county needs. Come on Kristen why would you do this? You lost a lot of supporters for your re-election anyway at this point. You never helped other women and you know you are not ready for this. Give yourself more time and experience. You will do great things but not in Congress now.

  6. I just met Jacobs she is very sweet and fantastic but it seems that she had no idea on what position she is running for. I think it is great that she wants to run but I do not support her. She should of filed against Bogdanoff instead of crazy Maria. Too bad

  7. Jacobs is term limited. She has nothing to lose. We, however, will lose a voice on our commission as Scott’s appointee will not be representative of this Democratic district.

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  9. Alex Johnson, Broward ACLU Board Member

    Ironically, the Broward progressives are for Frankel and the Palm Beach progressives are for Jacobs. When Broward ACLU was fighting a proposed Broward County ordinance to require a permit to campaign on county property, Jacobs was the ONLY commissioner that refused to meet with us on each of our three visits to the county commission. Jacobs also expressed hostility at the commission hearing although when they saw that the measure would not pass (4-5) the vote was unanimous against it.

  10. PBC is for Frankel not because we don’t like Jacobs but Jacobs does not have the experience that we need in a Congresswoman. County is very different than Congress. She should run for State Senate and not Congress at this point. She needs a lot more experience.

  11. Good endorsement. No question she is the best candidate and is owed this by the party and liberal groups for all her advocacy.

  12. This is a disrespectful posting. A disgrace. You ought to be ashamed. Endorsing Frankel just hands the seat to Hasner. Jacobs is more dignified, more attractive and has better campaign staff.

  13. MS maybe you should not help Hasner right now. You have a mole in your camp. Everyone knows that is the only reason why Frankel has a primary. STOP helping HASNER.

  14. You ought to be ashamed…more attractive? Go play on the beach and stop spouting thoughts that take us back 100 years. And her staff? Like Franco, who never did an ounce of county work while working at the county? You just hate that Lois won’t suck your dick.

  15. A) she doesn’t need to live in the district. At least she lives in the state, unlike a certain former corrupt congressman.
    B) as Mayor, was she supposed to say “sorry, can’t take a photo with our Congressman because he’s a jackass.”. No, she did the proper thing and acted like a Mayor.
    C) if Jacobs is such a great Dem, why does she not care that Rick Scott will appoint her successor for 2 years?

  16. Barbara your facts are incorrect. Lois was not Mayor of Riveria Beach. She went into an African American community AGAINST the wishes of the residents to support a POLLUTER and in direct violation of their referendum.
    Good Democrats get off their butts and vote… had they, Rick Scott never would have been governor. Not a good enough reason to deny the better candidate

  17. If you can prove that she went in uninvited to a polluter, prove it. And then we shall ask her Oh, and we know Eric is or has been paying you with the Murphy campaign. Is he paying you to do this as well?

    This is the problem with Jacobs’ campaign being passive aggressive and getting you gadflies to be negative. Nice to turn Dems against Dems. But then again, Johnson campaigns specializes in that.

  18. Lois is against the environment…this is so dumb. Everyone knows Lois has a long history of being a tough political player and damn right on the issues. She is the BEST thing the Democrats have going for them.
    Everyone knows Eric is scum. Even when the sheeps are paid off. And like Wexler’s staff, Jacobs staff was working on state time…why do you think Franco left. You have Rick Scott because Democrats had Sink working with Meek, then Crist. The Democrats are only Ds in power because its where they live and not what they know.

    Lois has a record while those you play my dear have a record but not the kind one you want. Trust me I worked for those scum for 10 years with Robert. Eric, Wendi and Robert are shameful. It is catching up to them quickly too!

  19. Broward Ds bad on environmental issues? Maybe that is why we are all scared the rest of the state will be “browardized” by developers.

  20. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat

    Lois is the most immature long serving elected official not named Aaronson in the area.

  21. Hey Concerned….Aaronson, Deutch and Wexler love Lois like they love Susan, Gannon and Sachs. They use them until they can abuse them. Aaronson heart and soul belongs to the Wexler crew. Sorry to tell you that is not Lois. Half ass backing while they all help Hasner.

  22. Lois might be a bitch but she gets shit done. The right stuff and brings up more progressive Democrats with her than any other elected officials

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  25. West Palm Beach sucks. Why would you celebrate failure? Also, she goes around saying “I co-authored Florida’s first AIDS bill when I was in the legislature”. Too bad it was written 7 years before she got there. Check Lexis Nexus, we had an omnibus bill while she was living in NY. She made a minor change later on. I don’t like politicians who don’t think I can read, you all can vote for her, but I don’t support people who think voters are stupid. Kristen Jacobs might not have been a strong campaigner, but she is at least a decent person.

  26. Brought business to the city…lol…don’t drive down Dixie. West Palm Beach was named the 4th worst city to live in the United States by Forbes when she was done with it. Her business friends that got millions from the city like her, and the pay to play people, and the illiterate. Why are you on board?