Political Hurricane Endorsement: Jeff Clemens For State Senate District 27

Palm Beach County was the recipient of a new Florida Senate seat this year. The new seat is heavily Democratic in its composition, and has large populations of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Jewish-Americans. Three Democrats initially announced for the seat. One of the candidates, former Rep. Kevin Rader, quickly gained endorsements from Congressman Ted Deutch and former Congressman Robert Wexler. These endorsements were disappointing not because of Rader’s views which are in line with that of most Democrats. The problem was that Rader is a serial candidate that lives nowhere near this district and in past election cycles has run in districts that contain far flung places including¬† Fort Lauderdale, Canal Point and Estero.

Rader exited the race during qualifying week to seek his old House seat. That is a race the former Representative is better suited for and that left a clear contest between a Progressive Democrat and one who is a moderate to conservative Democrat in this Senate seat.

Representative Mack Bernard has done a credible job representing his low income Riveria Beach based district. Bernard has generally voted the Democratic line with a few notable exceptions: on issues related to school vouchers and the Environment. Bernard has voted with business interests more often than the majority of House Democrats since his service began in 2010, and that is a worry. Still Bernard is a great young hopeful for the party and should continue his public service in some form even if he loses this race.

Our choice is Representative Jeff Clemens who in his two years of House service has been one of the leading progressives in the body. Clemens has stood strong on issues related to the Environment, public education, economic development and seniors. Clemens previously served as Mayor of Lake Worth, one of the largest cities in Palm Beach County.

Clemens has worked well with local activists to create a strong network locally in favor of liberal causes.¬† He has been a strong voice against the plans of some Republicans to destroy Florida’s coastline by promoting offshore drilling, a move that would endanger Florida’s tourism industry. Clemens, unlike Bernard, has consistently voted against Jeb Bush/Rick Scott backed “school choice” measures and has not collected a single dime from the out of state right wing interests that fund the pro voucher effort.¬† He has also been a strong advocate for local matters related to Central Palm Beach County who has not a resident State Senator since the 1970s.

The Political Hurricane strongly endorses Jeff Clemens for State Senate in District 27.

31 thoughts on “Political Hurricane Endorsement: Jeff Clemens For State Senate District 27”

  1. you have done some great things with this website but you should hang your head in total shame on this one. wear a scarlet letter around town and see how it feels.

  2. He votes the right way, sings in a band and he is as sane as Sachs. Two people that put on a good show but I am not buying a ticket.
    Rader is awesome! He is my insurance guy. And he got me a deal……
    Totally kidding he is a schmuck too!

  3. I think Rader is amazing….is that the right thing I am suppose to write?
    He is telling me how I am suppose to blog…oh I didn’t know I was not suppose to write that.

  4. only when Burt and the rest of that corrupt gang wear one too. Wexler can lead the parade.

  5. “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” – Barry Goldwater.

    “the only thing in the middle of the road is dead armadillos.” – Jim Hightower

    The Democratic playing “moderate” and making political deals has gotten us in this position as a party and as a state.

    We Dems could learn a lot from the tea party and the Goldwater movement. Defining ourselves and standing on issues and holding our party accountable is something they do. I do not agree with the Tea Party on issues but quite honestly admire their passion, organization and willingness to take on the leadership of their own party.

  6. A woman running in this race would have changed the outcome.

    Mary Brandenburg is awesome even though Robert Burt and Andre try and take her down . Sachs would have won easily here. Laxer was recruited but said no. She is young, pretty and smart and would have romped in the condos. Goodman ran against Hager but could have self funded here.

    Clemens is one lucky dude. He can break out his guitar and play us a tune and smoke pot but that is about it.

  7. Brandenberg would have no chance. Did you forget something about an FBI investigation just a few years back ??? Although in Palm Beach County that seems to be a badge of honor. Right Mr. Wexler who suddenly leaves a safe seat. You too Addie Green and others.

  8. Lewis in Lauderdale

    Excellent selection. Clemens is a top man!

    Hope he wins. Bernard is okay. I do not mind him but Clemens will be a strong liberal that opposes the deal cutting tendencies of previous senators from the area like Klein, Rossin, Aronberg and Sachs.

    Y’all up the road can be proud of him!

  9. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat

    We are all for Clemens. Bernard is a nice young man but he isn’t right on our issues. Liberals need to back liberals if we are going to win back this state.

  10. Laxer does not live there and she is great. Clemens is a joke. Bernard has a mix record. Mary should of ran and she would of won!

  11. We are all not for Clemens. Talk to people in Lake Worth.He was an awful mayor. I think he will win because he is probably giving out free pot. Bernard has a bad record but so much smarter than the coverband guy. I think Bernard will surprise us. This is the fault of Johnson because of his boy Rader jumping ship all over the county and Deutch & Wexler backing his step every way. Clemens is also working with Johnson. He will be as dumb as Pafford to think they are looking out for him.

  12. Laxer WAS NOT recruited in running in that district. Laxer left the local party in 2010. This people are all a joke. It is a minority district and Bernard should take this. Wexler had no right getting involved in this race or any other race. I hope Bernard wins. Know the district.

  13. Correction: It is a minority access district comprising less than a majority of white, Hispanic and African-American/Caribbean voters. It is NOT a majority population district for a specific minority group. Their is a distinction. While this district fits a voting rights act category, plenty of districts like this one all over the country represented by whites. The question here is simple. Do you want a Democrat who will vote with the Republicans fairly often or a true progressive champion? We are color blind when we make these determinations and support the best candidate to support the causes our website, our readers and most progressives care about.

  14. Laxer would have helped turn out the vote. Smart, young and HOT! We need an attractive candidate to turn voters out. The tired old retreads will not do it. Rader is a joke and Ted Deutch is disgusting fir endorsing him. But we always have Maria Sachs! Go Maria go!

  15. This is not Tara. Are you Andre?
    I am a big fan of Laxer’s and wish she had run. We would then get out the vote.

  16. We are still going to get out the vote. Laxer and Deutch get along. SHE quit working for him. Why so much drama? ..oh yeah. Irv. Nevermind. We will get out the vote regardless. Andre. I heard about that guy never met him though. He is not a Democrat but better than Siegal and Johnson.

  17. This is a great pick. A clear choice between a good liberal and someone who has sold out time and time again to business.

    ROCK ON!

  18. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat



  19. Who cares? She is a complete non-entity. Wish This site didn’t allow for blind posting so we could see all these posts about Laxer are by Laxer herself. Same writing style, poor grammar, and the incessant need to mention how young and hot she is. Why does she feel the need to hijack every post and make it about herself? This is taking away credibility from the site.

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