Political Hurricane Endorsement: Al Lawson for 2nd Congressional District.

In the Democratic primary race for Florida’s 2nd Congressional District, there couldn’t be more of a contrast between the two major candidates running for the seat, former State Senate Democratic leader Al Lawson and current State Representative Leonard Bembry.

During his time in the Legislature, Lawson has been a solid Democratic leader, supporting many progressive ideas while also being able to help the rural voters in his district. Lawson has both shown his leadership and his true commitment to Democratic values while serving all of his constituents, no matter their political leaning.

On the other side of the equation, Bembry is a conservative and resembles more his Republican opponent, Steve Southerland, than any Democrat. In the latest Political Hurricane Progressive House Scorecard (which will be released tomorrow), Bembry placed an embarrassing last among Democrats. In addition, Bembry placed as the highest Democrat in the pro-Republican Associated Industries of Florida scorecard, voting with their agenda 88% of the time any nearly rivaling the Republicans in the House.

Therefore, Bembry doesn’t really show us any difference between himself and Mr. Southerland, with the exception of having a “D” next to his name. And with that being said, how can we assured he would remain a Democrat once elected to Congress? We can’t.

There is a difference between a traditional southern Democrat and a conservative Republican. While conservative on some issues, rural Democrats usually are more economically progressive and will still vote that way. For example, Allen Boyd had an ADA (Americans for Democratic Action, which is a progressive organization) rating of 75%, which, in comparison, was higher than Jim Matheson (D-Utah), who had a 55%. There is no indication from his Florida House voting record that Bembry would even be close to having as progressive of a voting record as Boyd or, possibly, even Matheson. But we do feel highly confident that Lawson will continue his support for progressive causes.

Southern Democrats in Congress have been known since 1994 to cut the best deals for themselves with the GOP majority. Several Democrats with more moderate records than Bembry have been wooed to cross the aisle with promises of good committee assignments and electoral protection. Bembry has represented a rural North Florida district where it is an advantage still to be a registered Democrat. But will he, once faced with the prospect of difficult races every two years and a particularly difficult electorate to the west of Tallahassee feel better protected as a Republican?

What is more disturbing is that it seems the Democratic Party (both Florida and the DCCC) have already decided to back Bembry. He currently is renting his office space for his campaign from the Florida Democratic Party. And while that isn’t a crime in-and-of itself, the fact that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has added Bembry to their Red to Blue Races list is quite disturbing. It seems that the Democratic Party doesn’t have a problem taking sides in a primary, where there should be no party interference whatsoever.

We have contacted the DCCC regarding their favoring of Bembry in this race and have yet to receive a response.

If Bembry is elected, all indications are that he would be a Blue Dog Democrat that would continue to give us problems, like Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson has for so many years. There is no indication that he would support any progressive causes. While Lawson has supported conservative initiatives in the past, he has voted for liberal causes about as often as his district would permit, and was a proven competent leader in the Florida Senate. Lawson’s highest profile endorsement is from former Governor Charlie Crist, with whom Lawson forged an effective partnership as Senate Democratic Leader.

During the general election of 2012, voters in the 2nd Congressional District need a clear choice between the two candidates. A Southerland vs. Bembry match up doesn’t give us that choice. And if voters are faced with, essentially, two Republicans running against each other, why wouldn’t they pick the real Republican?

Al Lawson gives voters that contrast. Almost defeating Allen Boyd in the 2010 primary, Lawson has shown election after election that he is a capable “vote getter” in both black and white communities. In addition, Lawson does what he can to help all communities in his district, especially when he was in the State Senate, where he had to reach out to the rural communities of north Florida. We feel that Lawson would be a productive Congressman for all the people in the district, something we do not feel Bembry will be able to accomplish.

The Political Hurricane highly recommends and endorses Al Lawson in the Democratic Primary for Florida’s 2nd Congressional District.

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10 thoughts on “Political Hurricane Endorsement: Al Lawson for 2nd Congressional District.”

  1. While I agree Bembry is not great look at his district and compare it to that which Lawson represented. Bembry has no urban areas and a very conservative area. Lawson ALWAYS represented Tallahassee. He always voted a out as conservative as he could considering he had students and state workers .

  2. Concerned Palm Beach Democrat

    Lawson is an interesting one. He’s country enough and conservative enough to win rural areas but liberal and into state workers rights enough to win Tallahaseee. I think Bembry if elected would regularly get primaries from a Tallahssee based candidate. That’s just my thought regarding him.

  3. Lawson has at times supported vouchers and hasn’t always been great on choice and school prayer. But on the whole for that area he’s pretty good. Certainly better than Bembry.

  4. Al Lawson is clearly the better choice in this race, a strong and effective pragmatic leader who knows how to get things done for working families in north Florida. He’s done a great job of representing the interest of urban Tallahassee and rural communities that need adequate health care and jobs.

    While Lawson has, rightly, supported educational options for working class families to choose the best schools for their kids (not vouchers), he as also supported efforts to better fund public education and fix failing schools.

    Al Laws is the right choice for Congressional District 2 and has proven his ability to represent the varied interest of this diverse district.

  5. Concerned Democrat

    The FDP and DCCC endorsements of Bembry make zero sense. Perhaps they are thinking white office holder or maybe Lawson has had a dispute with the party. But from an electoral and ideological standpoint it makes NO sense, none whatsoever.

  6. Al may be better than Bembry but he want win the congressional seat…we need a republican not another Boyd…who forgot who he worked for in the end…I still believe Boyd is making money in Washington? Right? Only a farmer in his own mind…

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