Pizza Sales

Defining Question

Looking for datasets, I came across some sales records for a fictional pizza company, which was provided in a previous Maven challenge. Here is the link below:

The goal to help a small pizza restaurant visualize their data, see what days and hours are their busiest, which pizzas are their best and worst sellers. However, I added some addition information to help the company get a better grasp on the financial situation in their tiny Greek-inspired restaurant.

Data Collecting and Cleaning

As was mentioned above, the data was provided on Maven for one of their challenges that they had in the past. Their data was split into four different spreadsheets. SQL was used to join the sheets, which was fairly easy because the data was joined in columns that had the exact name. After the join, and adding some additional fields, I cleaned up the data further in Excel (primarily because of the easier click-and-drag functions). Once that was finished, I put the data into Tableau to create the visualization.

Final Dashboard

In the visualization below, I added a little more than what was asked. However, one of the problems that I had with the original question was regarding the capacity rule. Since they didn’t have any data on capacity, and different size pizzas would provide food for a range of people (which was not stated in the data), I would ask the stakeholders if they had any customer data or could provide data about how many people a certain size pizza feeds.

Still, I provided the company with more information, so that they can get an overall view of their 2015 sales, including quarterly numbers, sales and orders by pizza type, as well as the total number of sales based on days and month (color coding it to give a better perspective).