NRA Lobbying And The “Stand Your Ground Law” in Florida

As our three part series last month chronicled the NRA and Marion P. Hammer have direct responsibility for Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law and  the subsequent movement by ALEC and the NRA to push the law across the nation. The control established by the NRA over Florida’s legislative process has had serious ramifications on gun laws across the country.

Here is an excellent clip from Current TV’s The Young Turks Show on the subject matter.

2 thoughts on “NRA Lobbying And The “Stand Your Ground Law” in Florida”

  1. I think Hammer has cultivated and whined and dined the Dems at dinners, hunting outings, etc to cause this.

  2. Yes it is pretty sick. Look at even last year’s bill where it would allow people to carry guns on college campuses, daycare, churches….sick so many Democrats voted for it.