Must Listen!: The Political Hurricane Podcast for May 19th, 2012

In the latest podcast of The Political Hurricane, Kartik and I keep everything “in state”.

First, we first touch on the entry of Dave Weldon into the US Senate race and how that would impact Democratic voter turnout, as well as possibly energizing the Democratic Party. We also look into Weldon’s “nutballerey” and discuss how he is out of touch with most Floridians. This segment lasts about 15 minutes.

After the Weldon discussion, Kartik and I get into a very heated discussion about the state of affairs regarding Florida Democrats. We talk about the party structure from top to bottom and the lack of everything that is going on in the state. We don’t hold any punches and basically say it how it is.

We talk about organization on the local level as well as the lack of commitment throughout the state to coordinate any effort to recruit candidates and win elections. This is a must listen podcast for those that feel the state of the Democratic Party in Florida is a state of crisis.

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4 thoughts on “Must Listen!: The Political Hurricane Podcast for May 19th, 2012”

  1. The podcast was definitely worth the time…hopefully your dialogue will open minds.

    Ed Koch said after running for mayor (third term) in New York City, The voters voted me out and now they must be punished…..What’s the slogan now, “The money has spoken” and now we must
    be screwed again, and again…Money talks, good people walk…..

    The voters of Wisconsin were successful for getting an enormous amount of signatures (by petition) to re call Gov. Scott Walker. The rest of the country was watching this unfold; and admired what the citizens of Wisconsin accomplished. Now, after all that, Scott Walker is leading Tom Barrett by about 6 %…..I don’t get it, I thought the people have spoken……or is it the money……