Morning Election Update: Election Day Eve

Will Dan Malloy lose the CT Governor's race in the last two days?

Yes, we are now less than 24 hours from when the first Election Day voting will take place in the 2010 General Election. And with that, there are some polls that were released this morning that give Democrats mixed news.

First, in the New Hampshire 2nd, former Congressman Charles Bass looked poised to make a return to the House after being ousted in 2006 by Paul Hodes. Hodes is now making a very lackluster run for the Senate and now the seat is open. And in polls conducted a few weeks ago, Bass had a double-digit lead over Democratic opponent Ann Kuster.

But in the two latest University of New Hampshire polls, Kuster is not only leading, but looking to grab the momentum as well. She is leading the latest (and probably last) poll 43% to 40%. And while that does not sound like much, the fact that Bass had an 18-point lead at one point shows that Kuster is showing some strength. We had predicted earlier that Kuster would win this seat anyway.

Another poll that is closing up, which isn’t good news for Democrats, is the Connecticut  Senate race, where Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is still leading billionaire Linda McMahon, but by a small margin that before. While Blumenthal is still leading, his double digit lead has now been slashed to 7% in the latest Rasmussen poll. Still, even with the momentum going her way, a little, Blumenthal should win. Instead of the projection being immedate on Election Night, you might have to wait 20 minutes instead.

The other race in Connecticut, which has become much closer, is the race for governor. In a race where Dan Malloy looked to be cruising to victory, Republican Thomas Foley (not THAT Thomas Foley) is now leading in two polls. Polls were showing a few days ago that Foley had picked up the momentum. Now the question is if Foley can turn that into Election Day votes. We are still projecting Malloy as the winner.

And in Florida’s Governor’s race, the polls are all over the place. Now there are two polls saying that Sink will win. Any polls in Florida can just be tossed in the garbage, as far as I am concerned.