Mayor Buddy Dyer Endorses Allison Tant

I just landed in Indianapolis for my companies AGM and a large trade show and I got this news right when I landed. Buddy Dyer is a potential Gubernatorial candidate and a longtime political ally of Debbie Wasserman Schultz whom he served in the State Senate with.

Dyer carries significant weight in Central Florida. So among potential Gubernatorial candidates we have 2010 nominee Alex Sink strongly behind Alan Clendenin and now Mayor Buddy Dyer backing Allison Tant.

Full endorsement below.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Announces Support of Allison Tant for Florida Democratic Party Chair

Orlando, Fla. – Today, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer announced his support of Allison Tant for Florida Democratic Party Chair.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said, “We need Allison Tant’s leadership and determination as the Florida Democratic Party’s next Chair. The 2014 election is critical for Florida Democrats and Allison will bring her organizing and fundraising skills and grassroots networks to the job. I am excited to support her during a very important time for our Party and State.”

Allison Tant shared, “I am honored to have the support of Mayor Buddy Dyer. I look forward to working together to make sure we have the plans in place to win big elections in 2014 and beyond.”

8 thoughts on “Mayor Buddy Dyer Endorses Allison Tant”

  1. Buddy supporting a DWS candidate? Big shock, after all those two have quite a “history.” Wink wink.

    Sink endorsing Clendenin is actually meaningful unlike this absolute trash.

  2. Democrats 4 Justice

    Buddy Dyer is the worst kind of corrupt pol anyhow. Remember he was indicated????? I love how you guys forget that here. The former indicated Mayor of Orlando. He is socially a right winger while spending tax money like a drunken sailor on projects that benefit his contractor buddies and rich friends.

    His relationship with DWS speaks for itself. She is putting the squeeze on everyone. It is ridiculuos that she is so desperate for power that she does this. The Tampa Bay Times was right, she has lost her mojo.

    But he is an elected official and by Scott Randolph’s definition he should have 75% of the votes because he is more invested in this than us. Us people who walk precincts, lick envelopes, knock on doors, volunteer our time and money and make great personal sacrifices and do not benefit inancially do not matter according to Mr. Randolph. This means the Democratic Party is more out of touch than even corporate CEO’s flying around on luxury jets from London to Mumbai to Singapore to Tokyo to New York.

    The party elites do not understand HOW FREAKING ANGRY AND TIRED OF THEM WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hey Buddy!

    Tell your friend Dean Cannon we say hi!

    You have no business telling Democrats who should be chair when you openly back the leaders in the Republican party.

    Any true Democrat who takes advice from Buddy Dyer ought be examined for insanity.

  4. I forgot about the Cannon thing…OMG no good Dem should EVER take advice for Buddy Dyer. I wonder if Dyer was instrumental in the blatant anti-Hispanic redistricting at the county level.

  5. Who cares. Dyer is irrelevant.

    I’m annoyed this site has chosen to stop advocating the way you used to. We have plenty of status quo blogs scared tontake on Wasserman Schultz and the party insiders. The critiques here have been on the mark for a year now. As we get to the most important moments you’ve gone wobbly. Why? We want our TPH back!

  6. Wake up people DWS is covering a lot up for many people and she just wants Tanted to do her job for her. These people have no brains. DWS should of pushed someone who at LEAST didn’t work for Choice Point. Yes I know all the groups will say she didn’t but she did.

    This party (with the Republicans..same thing in Fl) is going down like Titanic.

  7. Remember, Mr. Dyer is also extremely anti union. When he could have used union contractors for everything in Orlando, he decided to go non-union. Even with SunRail, he sided with the big rail corporations over the average working man and women when he made CSX immune from any liability! So, if a worker gets hit by a SunRail train, CSX is off scott free!!!!! Dyer is just another pro-business, anti-union Republican.

    My biggest worry about Tant is that she is going to say “screw the unions”. So far she has. Since Tant has a history with the FEA, that endorsement isn’t really a surprise.