Manchin neck-and-neck with Raese, other polls.

Yeah, it's crazy. But if it helps us win Byrd's Senate seat, I'm not complaining.

CNN has released a number of polls this morning. Some of them give Democrats good news, while others are quite disappointing.

In West Virginia, is seems like the “hick” tactic by the GOP has backfired, along with Gov. Joe Manchin’s new “campaigning style” (look left), branding him as a conservative Democrat. In the recent CNN poll, both Manchin and Raese are tied at 44%. The poll was conducted between October 8th and 12th. Another thing that will be interesting is to see polling done after the Chilean mine worker’s rescue. Will this conjure up old memories of Manchin and his heroic leadership during the mine rescue operations in Wast Virgina? Who really knows.

In another important CNN poll, Washington Democrat Pat Murray has now started to take a commanding lead over Republican Dino Rossi. In the poll, conducted between the 8th and 12th as well, Murray is now at 51%, while Rossi is at 43%. Rossi, who has had a number of unsuccessful runs at statewide office in Washington, was leading in most of the recent polls. But in the last few days, Murray has been able to grab a commanding lead.

In Nevada’s crazy Senate race, Sharron Angle is actually leading Harry Reid by 2%. While this should be a race that Reid is running away with, Angle is now up on the Majority Leader of the Senate 47% to 45%. Still, the margin of error for this poll is 4%, so both candidates are technically tied.

In a bit of disappointing news, Russ Feingold has been unable to make any ground on Republican businessman Ron Johnson. In the latest CNN poll, Johnson leads Feingold 52% to 48%. Still, we really haven’t seen any polls since the most recent televised debate, where Feingold called out Johnson on the recent Chamber of Commerce ads running in Wisconsin. We shall see if has made any difference in the upcoming polls.

In other Senate races, Chris Coons continues to lead whack job Christine O’Donnell by a comfortable margin (54% to 34%). In Connecticut, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal continues to lead another whack job, Linda McMahon,  54% to 43%. And in one of the more disappointing polls, Pennsylvania Democrat Joe Sestak continues to trail Republican Pat Toomey, but now by a larger margin. Toomey is now leading by 10 points, 49% to 39%.

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