Like Vietnam, just leave Iraq.

Lately, I have been listening to Republicans talk about how we can’t do a full withdrawl of troops from Iraq because ‘we will lose’. Well, I think we really need to look further into this statement.
Lets look at Vietnam. We were losing (though some might say we were winning, but that is bs). In 1975, what did the United States do? We left. Yep! That is right, we ‘cut and run’.
Was ‘cutting and running’ the right thing to do in Vietnam? Yes. If Bush was President in 1975, what would have happened? Kind of a scary thought, isn’t it?
Just like poker, when you have a bad hand, you fold or you bluff. We have been bluffing and losing hand after hand. Pretty soon, we just have to fold. That time is right now.

To those who say that leaving Iraq now is not the honorable thing to do is kind of like saying that it wasn’t honorable for us to leave Vietnam. Not only was leaving Vietnam right, it was honorable.
Who was it honorable to? Well, the thousands of lives that we saved by not continuing the war for another decade, year or even day. We saved American lives by ending the war.
Same can be said in Iraq. If we leave now, we save hundreds of American lives and prevent thousands of American injuries.
What the Government Needs to Do:
The government has to do two things:
1. Finally decide what our mission in Iraq is and…
2. decide if that mission has been accomplished.
If our mission was to overthrow Saddam, then our mission has been accomplished…leave.
If our mission is to find WMD and there are none there, then our mission has been accomplished….leave.
If our mission is to break the connection between the Baathist and Osama, which we now know there was never a connection and the Baathist aren’t in power anyway, then our mission has been accomplished….leave.
Therefore, what is our mission? The Republicans keep ‘changing’ our mission. What is it now? And as soon as we accomplish ‘that’ mission, what will our next mission be. Republicans have this endless line of bullshit (or missions) to keep us in this war forever. If they finish up one ‘mission’ (or lie as I like to call it), they will just come up with another one.
In my eyes we have run out of ‘missions’ (bullshit). Lets leave now.
Well, I guess you can call me a ‘cut-and-run Democrat’.
But I would rather ‘cut-and-run’ instead of being ‘stupid-and-stay’.