Introducing Florida’s Most Wanted

With primary season coming, it is important that Democrats and progressives bring real change to Tallahassee and Washington. Today, The Political Hurricane proudly introduces our “Wanted” list. Our ”Wanted” list is for those offenders that will, or have, voted against our progressives ideas in the past, and have no intentions of changing! It is time to “lock up” our most wanted and extradite them back to their districts.

As the August 14th primary approaches we will continue to add to our most “Wanted” list. The first three targeted races as well as future additions can be found here.

10 thoughts on “Introducing Florida’s Most Wanted”

  1. Cute.

    You should add a 2014 section and put some members who didn’t draw a strong challenger in the primary.

  2. Bembry is hardly worse than Lawson. Both are pretty right wing for Ds and Bembry at least has the excuse of only representing rural areas. I’d have abstained in this race.

    The other two are perfectly acceptable endorsements.

  3. Let's Get Fired Up!

    Don’t forget Siegal the current PBC DEC chair. He has at least 3 people running against him at a local level. He thinks he is going to run for state chair. No way! We want someone who is smart, pro-active and who has not been thrown out of another state. The guy allows bizpac at DEC meetings and he has allowed people to be taken advantage of. Thank goodness for good people in the party. See you Siegal

    Siegal did NOTHING!

  4. We are lucky good people stood up. Siegal should not have let it gotten to this point. Even if he had nothing to do with it he should of taken care of it internally. He also should not be chair because he harrasses candidates that are running in primaries if they are not ok by Aaronson and Johnson. He then has the nerve to blame Fidel

  5. He also harrasses people who runs in primaries who are not using Eric Johnson or is endorsed by Aaronson. He then has the nerve to blame everything on Fladel.

  6. Saunders should be really locked up. He is a true slimeball and whether it is Bullard who you suggest or another primary D I hope he goes down badly. Time for us to retake our party from the Tallahassee lobbyists and consultants.


    You guys totally rock! The absolute best site going is this one! Love it!