How Florida’s Democrats Should Counter the GOP Convention

As Republicans gather in our largest media market for three days of uninterrupted national attention (after Isaac pushes north), how will Florida’s Democrats formulate a positive message that counters the GOP noise machine? Will Florida’s Democrats demonstrate that our state, ruled completely by the GOP since 1998 is a clear example why the Republicans cannot be trusted with the levers of power?

Florida’s Democrats need to be out front much as Progress Florida and other progressive groups plan to be this upcoming week. The goal should be to demonstrate why Florida’s working families are best represented by the Democrats. Divisive social issues such as abortion, guns and gay rights should be avoided this week  and the focus needs to be on health care, insurance, schools and economics.. While many Florida Democrats decry class warfare as “envy” and even “socialism” an attempt has to be made to demonstrate why Florida as a conservative economic laboratory that has failed is a clear example why Republicans cannot be trusted to govern at a national level.

Our state has been the place where ALEC, and other right wing think tanks or advocacy groups have experimented with conservative ideas, using a complicit legislature full of Republican sheep to implement this agenda. Florida’s Democrats need to point out the damage the Republican agenda has done here at home, including in the location of the convention- Hillsborough County.

National voters need to know what has happened here in Florida. They need to be educated on the continued destruction our Republican leadership has done to the state and to those outside of the top 1% of earners. We trust that Rod Smith and FDP staff have formulated an effective messaging strategy for this week and suggest this be  the largest part of the plan.

5 thoughts on “How Florida’s Democrats Should Counter the GOP Convention”

  1. Interesting but wouldn’t you agree that social issues divides the Republicans and we should split them rather than emphasizing economics which unites them.

  2. Economic issues always favor the Republicans. The abortion and gay marriage issues unite us and divide the GOP. That’s where the focus must be. The war on women.

  3. I disagree. While I am personally pro-choice and pro gay marriage, I believe most Floridians have some degree of reservation on both issues. That doesn’t mean they are necessarily in the Republican camp. On economics, I believe if framed right we win the debate. The problem is our party in Florida has become too cozy with the business lobby and that has turned them into “me-too” Republicans on critical issues affecting taxes, the economy, health care and especially the environment, which by the way is almost always a winning issue in Florida is played correctly.

  4. You are right about the social issues. But Rod Smith has spent years sucking up to radical feminists since the rape-gate scandal and he also played the race card against Davis impugning his motives for mo votes on racial claims bills, implying he was a racist.