HD 29 Recount: Clelland Cannot Let His Guard Down

As a veteran of the 2000 Presidential recount, I learned the GOP to stop at no end to obtain or maintain power. Those who didn’t learn the lesson in 2000, certainly learned it in 2006 when Christine Jennings was shut down in her attempts to count every vote in a controversial loss to Vern Buchanan.

Rep. Chris Dorworth who has emerged in the past two years as the poster child for GOP excess, arrogance and entitlement will try every trick in the book to overturn the results of Tuesday’s election which gave Democrat Mike Clelland a 37 vote margin. Dorworth, backed as he was in the campaign by big money, trial lawyers, polluters¬† and other monied interests in BOTH parties is sure to find any legal loophole to exploit in order to keep his seat.

It is critical that concerned parties throughout the state regardless of political affiliation shed light on these potential shenanigans before they take place. Preemption is important in this matter since Dorowrth’s allies have already invested millions of dollars in him and it would a relatively wise and cheap investment for many of them to find a way to overturn the result right now.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely in the next few days.

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