Hasner’s New Ad Contradicts His Record

Adam Hasner’s new ad for his Congressional campaign is highly amusing given the record he amassed as a state legislator. Hasner was a hyper-partisan figure in his time in the State House rising up to the position of Majority Leader and serving as a leading rhetorical attack dog for House Republicans. This softer, gentler, more moderate Hasner which is reflected in the TV spot below is a contradiction of his partisan and right-wing voting record but more importantly of his previous rhetorical direction which was almost always to play angry, indignant partisan.

Hasner represented a district that voted heavily for Barack Obama in 2008 and where John Kerry had run strongly in 2004. Yet at no time did he feel that he needed to moderate his record. Hasner’s voting record of lock step conservatism is one thing; several other GOP Reps from all over the state in seats like his that vote a straight party line. It was Hasner’s rhetoric that was most objectionable. If the GOP needed a partisan pitbull, Hanser was always a willing volunteer. Repeatedly through the years Hasner would impugn the motives of the opposition and those who on principle stood against his position. In some cases he would even cite patriotism and tar his opposition with the brush of being anti-American in subtler terms than Michelle Bachmann or Tom Rooney do. Simply put, Hasner was nothing like the consensus oriented lawmaker he tries to portray in this slick, but misleading ad.

5 thoughts on “Hasner’s New Ad Contradicts His Record”

  1. All the GOP ads are slick as all get out – they even make Allen West seem like a moderate guy – pathetic!!