Grayson “Taliban Dan Webster” ad manipulative.

Well, I didn’t want to think it was so, but it has happened. Alan Grayson, a Congressman who has been fighting the good fight up in Washington on behalf of liberals everywhere, pulled a GOP stunt in his recent “Taliban Dan Webster” ad, twisting Webster’s words to portray something that the Senator did not say.

In the ad, the Grayson campaign attacks Webster’s votes on women’s issues. And, in this aspect, the ad is correct. But during the add, there are a number of clips of Dan Webster saying “she should submit to me” and “submit to me” a number of times. The ad was trying to portray that Webster as a woman-hater that has Taliban-like ideas about women, and that women should submit to their men.

But, according to, Grayson doesn’t give the entire context of Webster’s speech, which really says a woman should not to submit. Yes, I will repeat that…not to submit. Here is the exact quote that Dan Webster used:

So, write a journal. Second, find a verse. I have a verse for my wife, I have verses for my wife. Don’t pick the ones that say, ‘She should submit to me.’ That’s in the Bible, but pick the ones that you’re supposed to do. So instead, ‘love your wife, even as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it’ as opposed to ‘wives submit to your own husbands.’ She can pray that, if she wants to, but don’t you pray it.

Here is the clip on as well.

As a Democrat, I have always been proud of the fact that we usually can make “smear ads” without taking someones words out of context. Just look at Christine O’Donnell. She is easy to attack because we don’t take her words out of context, but use them exactly as she meant them to be.

But this Shirley Sherrodesque type of attack is a very low blow. I would expect this out of the GOP, ask they do this all the time, but I rarely expect this out of a Democrat.

Yes, Congressman Grayson has been fiery while making speeches. He usually says what most of us are thinking. And when he stood up to the Republicans time after time, we in the liberal peanut gallery would stand in applause. And even with this news, I still plan on supporting Congressman Grayson.

But, Congressman Grayson, this is the time where you do need to apologize. While I don’t agree with Dan Webster on any issue, the man is a good man. I have met him a few times. During those times, he knew I was a Democratic political consultant. But still, he was very nice.

Congressman Grayson, I hope you just didn’t cost us Florida’s 8th Congressional district. If so, it will be another generation until the Democrats ever get that seat back, especially from Dan Webster.

Why did you sink this low Congressman? Why?