Gary Siplin At It Again

Gary Siplin finds himself in hot water again. This morning the Orlando Sentinel reported that Siplin has been using taxpayer dollars to enhance his wife’s chances of holding his current Senate seat. Siplin, whose checkered¬† ethical past and consistent conservative voting record should be enough to ensure his wife’s defeat in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday is adding to his own legacy of ethically challenged behavior with this latest episode.

Victoria Siplin’s opponent Rep. Geraldine Thompson has been strongly endorsed by this website’s editorial board and has compiled one of the strongest and most consistent progressive records in the State House over the past six years.¬† Thompson is drawing support statewide from activists and left leaning advocacy organizations.

The Senate District 12 primary is one of the most important in the state. Stay tuned to TPH all weekend for further developments in this race as the Siplin’s no doubt have more questionable tricks up their sleeves.

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