Florida Republican Voter Fraud Case Continues To Grow

Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm hired by the Republican Party of Florida to register voters is continuing to make news. Last month the Tampa Bay Times reported the following:

Virginia-based Strategic Allied Consulting fell out of favor with Florida Republicans after Palm Beach County flagged 106 registration forms that had signature irregularities or incorrect information for voters already on file, such as new dates of birth and faulty Social Security numbers. Some of the forms in question attempted to change a voter’s address but violated state law by using business locations, such as the Port Everglades administration office, a gas station and a Land Rover dealership.

After problems in Palm Beach County emerged, Florida counties from Miami to the Panhandle reported similar irregularities with voter registration forms that all tracked back to the Republican Party of Florida.”

Now we learn the following from the Miami Herald.

“A contractor hired by the Republican Party of Virginia — and who had worked for a company now under investigation in Florida for voter registration fraud — was arrested Thursday after allegedly trashing application forms.”

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So basically we see a growing scandal involving Republican efforts to hijack the electoral process that are getting little if any media attention. While FOX News drones on about the possibility of “non-citizens” voting and specials about Benghazi (FOX never did a single special report about Bush Administration deception in Iraq or Afghanistan) and some CNN commentators sensationalizes Obama’s problems and parrots Romney’s talking points, real efforts to deny voting rights are taking place courtesy of vendors hired by the Republican Party. Credit to the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald for continuing to chase this important story.

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